MUI - The Internet Connected Block For Almost Any Surfaces

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The Internet Connected Block For Almost Any Surfaces



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Hunter's comment

Introducing "MUI" - Effortless Comfort.

This is internet connected (IoT) blocks for any surfaces and spaces. It can be implemented on sycamore wood, mirror glass, red fabric, even the marbles.

I am sure this product will be very useful for the future because all surfaces can be Smart and connected to the internet for various purposes.

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Hunter: @calprut

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This is cool. So futuristic, I like the idea It can be implemented in various surfaces.

You always nail it dude this block is going to change the world. Great hunt!


You always nail it
Dude this block is going to
Change the world. Great hunt!

                 - jonsnow1983

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


thanks jonsnow XD, you got a reply from haikubot XD

To have Smart surfaces is an unique concept but one that we will see more and more often in the near future because it does makes everything so much simple. Again one more time when innovation is combine with science and technology there is no limit what we can create!


thank you @georgemales

by the way, congrats for TOP 1 today XD

Definitely a good item, interactive shower data would be cool and int he future applied to more advanced functions, imagining interactive music showers :p

This comes so natural. All the surfaces interactive :). I was always wondering when this will happen. And the possibility to implement it on different kind of surface is a great thing.


thanks for your comment @dalz

Put an internet connection in the area we want? I wanted to have this great, working desk I used, everything I wanted would have been eliminated. AMAZING HUNT :)

I can say innovation at its best in recent times and futuristic version of modern and smart homes are very likely to adopt the internet connected block, as it can be implemented very easily over marble and wood and glass etc.

Thank you and Have a great day.


make any surfaces smart @shivohum2015

Greay hunt! It looks really useful. First of all, I love the design. I think this will allow us to have a variety of interiors. I really lile it! Thank you for sharing a nice item.


thanks for your nice comment and support

the world of technology is growing and getting better, scientists are increasingly applying applications to do this to make the internet become a monitor for accessing the internet.

This is something that grabbed my curiosity for sure. Pretty neat idea and product. I'll have to research it a bit more but I like it so far!


thanks for your comment @stillwater

This is a block connected to the Internet. The YouTube video shows how it works. These blocks are likely to be used a lot in future homes and offices.


This product is very cool and nice. This product is very nice and make your home beautiful. It uses the minimalism design style which is very nice to me.


thanks for your comment @alex3883

I watched the video on the website. They invented a very beautiful product. Plank tree, mirror glass, red fabric, even marbles can be applied. Very good property. Thank you.

I think this is a cool little thing that you can consider for your home interior.


yes @theversatileguy, and the most important is : "It's Connected"

this thing is really really cool, i really want one, thank you very much for your hunt, steem on


thanks again @carobetc

Another Great Hunt @calprut. I really like this awesome technology. Thank you for sharing. I wait for your next cool hunt.


thank you my friend hateeb @muhammadhateeb


Off course, it is great invention and much useful in future because comming life is fully connected with internet.
I really like this awesome technology.

Stay blessed and keep it up.

Thanx for sharing precious information.


thanks for your nice comment @imran498

Wooow! This is so surreal! Innovation in every sense of the word. Just imagine the possibilities: having the internet literally on every surface of the world. Excellent hunt!

Thanks for share this hunt!


I am sure the limit is only the sky XD @pavonj

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Damn this is really good and innovative.. technology is taking over almost every anything. It good to see this kind of product


LOL XD @tio, smart internet connected anything

This is great hunt my friend @calprut. This is amazing, I never see this kind of things. This is unique and amazing.

Wish you great success here my friend.
Will wait for your next amazing hunt my friend.


thanks friend @flash07

The future is here. I like that it can be adapted to several surfaces and can be used almost anywhere we put it. When using it makes us feel like in the movies.


hehe, back to the future @nataharuka
how about your d-like? XD the dominator in d-like.

I can't be more active in that forum, a little busy in real life.


The week that I spent a bit of time between work and I could publish constant in dlike, this week is more scarce my time and I have tried to publish both here and there. Both are great projects with a great future!

Wow! What a beautiful interface for your IoT connected home. I love how the interface could be "printed" into most materials, so you can have the functionality of a technological interface built into organic materials like the wood used in your walls or your bathroom mirror. Great find!

A forward thinking innovation and remarkable invention sayinh hello to future. I am sure that has a progressive future.
Great Hunt! Keep it up.


XD @abdulhanan, the future is really near

It's a good idea to convert all surfaces into intelligent hands. A very natural sensation of mind, inaction, idiom is a Japanese word. It has all the features as a product. Thank you.


hope it will be realized as soon as possible @melhemi42


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