LifeBike® - Get fit every day with Portable Pedals!

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Get fit every day with Portable Pedals!



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What Is LifeBike®?

LifeBike is a unique portable bicycle pedal, which can be exercise pedaled anytime, can be folded, put in a bag and is easy to carry anywhere.
Get fit every day, can burn 300 calories in 30 minutes, without having to manage free time to exercise, with LifeBike can exercise while doing working or else.

LifeBike® Portable Pedals!




Hunter: @butty

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totally a gadget for me cause i just sit on my work station daily
at least i will get my legs exercised with this


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Amazing product for fitness. with this people don't have to go to the gym just workout at home anywhere they want doing anything. its portable so we can take it anywhere we want to :D at office at the park at the date :p cool fitness hunt

This is awesome! A portable bicycle pedal that can be used anytime and anywhere! This is purely innovative. I love this!

Now this is what i call practical, lol. Work it work it , and yes i am doing both. My Desk Work and my leg work. What a Good idea.

This brings great lifestyle in the world, the energy also will be keep pumping and make working area (office) more fun and enjoyable to work.

thanks for sharing once again

Lifebike is exactly what I need during my works on computer. Thanks for sharing. Gret hunt.

  • Pros.

Very Comfortable.

Enjoyable WAy to burn Calories.

Elegant Design.

Resistance Control.

  • Cons.

No one.

Nice hunt, @butty. I'm impressive by its such portable size. Only hope one can get motivated to do some sport.

We all need these, especially if you work in the office all day! I was working there for 2 1/2 years and I wish I had something like this. A little work out is always good! When I start working again, I will need something like this!

Keep on hunting and enjoy the day @butty


  • great and good

  • very helpful

  • easy to carry anywhere


  • none

Wow, a portable pedal set one can use anywhere. With this I can burn as much as I can cycling, though missing the fun of moving around town.

Fitness is inevitable for good health. If you are the guy don't have time to go to gym for workout than my friend lifetime for you. It is portable bicycle pedal which can easily moveable to any place. It almost burn 10 calories/minute. You can use it any where. Great hunt

This is a great way to exercise if you sit on your ass every day :)

And it's perfect for people with nervous feet.

can you send me a set of it please...hahaha

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