GekkoStick - Flexible Phone Mount & Remote Shutter

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Flexible Phone Mount & Remote Shutter



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Hunter's comment

GekkoStick is a flexible phone holder so that your hands are free when taking pictures to take the desired angle without the help of others.
Place the cell phone with GekkoStick then wrap the holder on the tree, fence or other to get the desired angle.
GekkoStick is supported by a Bluetooth camera remote shutter so it can take pictures from a distance of 30 feet, can be with the front or rear camera.
With GekkoStick, it is possible to get a perfect shot without leaving your siblings, friends or anyone
GekkoStick is a useful smartphone device holder, small, easy to roll and carry anywhere.



Hunter: @butty

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In my place it is famous as a selfie stick, almost similar, but it's more creative and can get out of hand.
Creative products and cheap prices @butty

This is exactly what i need for my mobile phone. Thanks for sharing Gekkostick. Perfect hunt.

Good hunting, I want one for me, so I will take care of more of my cel, and we would not depend on another person for a photo, only on occasion but under a tree I can be with her only we would both witness that great photo passionate, hahahaha is a joke but it would serve the same and without witnesses, only the photo to remember it.


Right and that's the point @gene20, you can freely set the style without anyone else, only both of you, hahaa