Aira - Smart Eyeglasses Application For Visually İmpaired

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Smart Eyeglasses Application For Visually İmpaired




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Aira can work with smart glasses and smartphones.
visually impaired individuals are able to connect with aira employees by touching their glasses when they face a problem.The camera of the smart eyewear activates and connects with the Aira employee.
Aira employees, who have live coverage thanks to both location information and smart glasses, are making voice calls with users to solve problems. Aira, which solves an important problem especially for visually impaired people, can also be used with the camera of smart phones. Aira can call Uber for visually impaired people or help with grocery shopping.

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Hey, @busegarg thanks for this amazing hunt, I completely agree about this product, it can change lives! Upvoted and resteemed!

Here is my review


  • Helps people with no sight to walk through hard paths more easier
  • Not only while walking, but also at home you can get help while cooking or making your laundry


  • none, Aira is a really cool product

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