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Hello dear hunters, today's hunt is an app that helps student to live a life that is worthy of their financial status, it helps them to save and not spend extravagantly. it also allows them to be able to compare their spendings with others own to know if they are good with savings.


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it helps them to save and not spend extravagantly

lol really ok :P XD

And i and saving have no relation with each other so students like me what should they have to do?

i will give you a rope that you can use to hang yourself

COOL IDEA! This way students will try to save money which is crucial for themselves if they set the target and compared with others.

Hmm, this is a good solution to improve our financial status. If we have saving then we can do anything which gives us profit from saving money. It could really help them to save money.

A nice money management app. Students are usually short on money and are in need of money management.
Nice hunt!!!

Money saving is nice habit for students and happy to this technology envolvement. Great app that makes to carry a good habit of money saving. nice hunt

Money saved is money earned and this app is making it possible. Saving money is good habit and its helping students to learn it. Nice app.

Very nice application, it can make you able to save money, however saving money is a difficult task for me. Hopefully it will help me to save money. 🙂

What a great and amazing hunt. You can find money saving app for students. In student life money issue is common. This app helps you how to use your in right ways and also save for your bad time. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

WoW excellent app that definitely help students saving money for a trip or saving to buy something new or just saving because it's part of life. I think its one of the best app for saving money for young adult lifestyle. Awesome Find

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, This is really a bad habit that almost every student have and they spent sometimes extra money even I made this mistakes sometimes and at the end of the month I need to cut my costs. :-(

But this application will be helpful to manage the budget.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

This app is very useful and helpful for saving money at any platform. Great app great ideas. Thanks for sharing

Saving is smart.

Best use of this app is to set a target, say 20 to 30% of savings rate and then track the achievement of that. It can also help someone get from 0 to some savings.

This app is the need of the day because it is money saving app so it is a useful product and nice hunt.

Useful app for saving money, helps you stop spending unnecessarily. Good one

Great hunt dear friend
This is awesome application which helps students to save money. Students can manage their monthly expenses and can stop the unnecessary spending.
Thanks for sharing with us.


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