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set and achieve goals



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Hello dear hunters, today's hunt is an app that inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals, we all have goals we want to achieve in life and this app is just what we need to remind us never to give up on our goals until we get them done, install and be a better person in life


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we all have goals we want to achieve in life

do you really have goals? :o OMG lemme hust keep quiet :P XD and is it destiny you hunted this app? or anything else lol can't believe i am seeing this hunt from you :P XD. Well yep, i do agree with the app description we all have goals in our lives. Basically we are living to achieve our goals. Dunno about others but you really need to install this app burl :P

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, It provide us motivation to never giveup and this is just a beginning in the future many more obstacles will come and we need to fight from it. It gives us daily needed dose of motivation to do more.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Setting daily task and managing goal is one of important task which a person do in their own life. Hopefully this help us to manage or achieve our goals.

Very nice app. It shouldn't motivate people like xi and trump. They're powerful enough and have bad goals. They need to be discouraged.

Goals are important in life and glad to see that technology is involved in such a way that it helps to track our goal and we can achieve it. This is nice hunt and everyone should try it..

To achieve goals one needs to be focused, determined, motivated and stay positive. This app may be a good way to stay energized and motivated towards achieving one's goals. However, personally I don't think that anyone should need any app or anything like that to achieve one's goals; all one need is one's resilient strong resolve. Good hunt nevertheless.

Pretty cool app that help users to achieve their high goals and dreams & i really like coz it help users to strengthen their healthy habits in their life, while weeding out the harmful ones which then definitely help users towards achieving goals. Cool Find

Hello friend
Definitely a very useful application. Where we set our goals, setup and lock. After that we try to achieve our goal. This application also reminds us that we have to accomplish our goal and send notifications after completion so that we are ready for the next goal. It is a kind of motivating application that motivates us to achieve our goals.
Very good and wonderful search..

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