Children's sleep meditation - calming kid's bedtime stories

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Children's sleep meditation

calming kid's bedtime stories



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Hello dear hunters, today's hunt is an app that really helps to develop our kids confidence and also helps to keep them calm in the night for them to have a soothing sleep, it contains motivational stories and calming songs


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Nice hunt when i'll have my own little kids i would prefer to install this app. So that they can have calm and soothing sleep. Bedtime stories always love. so this plus feature makes it cooler. cool hunt dumb

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All children love stories. My mom used to read me stories in bed. But there was not enough variety back then.
This app can add variety to bed time stories.
Great hunt.

hmm this solution is pretty good though f children to entertan while they want to spend valuable time with parents. It will surely help them.

Kids loved to listen stories before going to bed. So this app could be very helpful for the parents who used to read stories for their kids so they can sleep well. NICE HUNTING!

Nice solution for parents who are fed up with kids sleep disorder. It will ease both parents and kids life. Nice hunt

Lovely. I've seen some really amazing children stuff hunted on this platform and this one just added to the list. Nice hunt

Kids love to hear stories when they are about to sleep, it give them calm and peaceful feeling and after getting this feeling they sleep easily. We all know that sleep is beneficial for our health.

I use this app for both of my boys, ages 6 and 3 amd it absolutely helps them wind down. Especially my 6 year old, he has always had a hard time falling asleep.

WoW this app is such a help in getting children to sleep. As a single parent, any help with freeing up time is greatly welcome and this does exactly that. The stories are magical and the playlist option is perfect for adding a couple of stories each and letting them play one after the other, Fantastic app. Awesome Hunt

My kid always sleeps late in night so hope this app will be helpful and makes him sleep early. Nice app for parents. Good hunt

Great hunt, good sleep for kids means good sleep for parents also. Good sleep is important for mental and physical health and kids should have plenty of it.


  • Make kids sleep easily.
  • Good for mental and physical health.
  • Easy to use app.
  • Sign of relief for parents.
  • free to download.


  • non.

Great Hunt! Seems an interesting and useful app for both parents and their kids to make it possible for parents to make their kids sleep on time and is better for their health also nice hunt

Very nice application kids needs this because of listening interesting stories. Hopefully it will help parents for their children needs.

Looks like a must app for parents with young kids to sleep peacefully!

Does this app have stories and calming songs in any other language than English?

Added advantage I see is for third world countries who are eager to learn English. They can make their children learn English.

As a mother I know how helpful it is for me and other mothers. I am going to try this and hope would be helpful for me. Nice Hunt

Seems, they don't have an android version ? It would be nice to let children go through bedtime meditation. App reviews are very positive.

Awesome ONe!
I don't is there anyone who don't love stories this is the thing that made me sleep in my childhood even still I listen stories. lol.. Love this app and it helps Mom Dad to get story to tell.
Thank You and Have a GooD dAY!

when i was young in my childhood i used to listen stories from my elder cousins and believe me while listening to them i always got calm sleep this would also be alternate of that :)

Everyone loves kids especially kids, kids today still request to be told stories before sleeping. This makes it all easy for them to sleep with cool stories and soothing songs. I love it

Awesom app. Very useful, very attractive app for calm & built confidence in children.

Great hunt dear friend
This is really helpfull application for the kidz to build their confidence by reading the motivational stories and listenning to calming songs to have a better sleep.
Thanks for sharing with us.

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