Maxim Coffee-Mix - National House Coffee of Korea

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Maxim Coffee-Mix

National House Coffee of Korea






Hunter's comment

Whenever I start my day in my workplace, I drink coffee.
I'm going to introduce you the most popular coffee throughout Korea.
It has a stick-bag shape, and you can easily make coffee by just pouring a bag of it into hot water.

I feel like every single cell of me gets awake whenever I drink it.
It has a very soft taste and scent but it's not too sweet.

Additional Information

  • Weight: 12g (50kcal)
  • Available sets: 240g(20 bags), 600g(50 bags), 1.2kg(100 bags) and 2.16kg(180 bags)
  • Pricing: 3200 KRW for 20 bags ~ 28,700 KRW for 180 bags



Hunter: @buket47

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영문 웹사이트를 올려주셔야 해요... 그리고 최근 바뀐 룰로, IT위주로... 올리셔야 합니다 ㅠ


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mix coffe like’t


Thank you.

와국인들이 믹스커피 맛보러 밀려올듯~ㅎㅎ
피할수 없다면 질 좋은걸로 골라드세요
건강이 최고~~!!!


스팀헌트에 올렸는데 6/1부터 아이템이 좀 바뀌였다고 퇴짜 맞았습니다. ㅋㅋ