Phantom Series Multifunctional - This Hard/Soft Shell Backpack is for the DJI Pantom 4 Series

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Phantom Series Multifunctional

This Hard/Soft Shell Backpack is for the DJI Pantom 4 Series



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After Owning the DJI Phantom 4 for over a year now, I decided to buy the backpack today to carry it in. I have been getting along just fine with the stock issued "foam" case it comes with but I wanted to take my drone to some places that would be difficult to carry. Just last week I held my drone while riding a bike in Vail Colorado wishing I had this backpack to lug it around. Overall this product seems to be very well made and pretty versatile to carry all the accessories including 3 batteries. It easily holds my ipad as well. I would say that at $199.00 the price is a little steep when compared to other backpacks and for that price I would like to have a molded interior that is drone specific. The backpack is lightweight and has lots of length on the straps to accommodate all body types to carry it as a backpack. Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase as I have been with all products I have bought from DJI.



Hunter: @broncnutz

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Hello @broncnutz
It's great to see a great hunt from you and this is my opinion about your hunt.


Innovation about a bag is already a lot done, especially if the bag you show is a special bag to bring a drone with other equipment. Not many have ideas like this, Great and very useful.

  • Beautiful design and style
  • Comfortable on the back when used
  • Safe from lying down because inside this bag there is a protective foam
  • Lightweight and has many ropes
  • The price is cheaper than similar products


  • If in my opinion, its size is too big to make this speaker can not be taken where we go

This is the value I give to your hunt

Keep up the hunt!
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wow, right after I write my comment I scroll down steemit and find this video.... what are the odds, a video about the exact same drone as you

Well this is a very popular Drone so I think there are probably a lot of posts, reviews and write ups on it.

good to know for when I decide to get one to play around with :)

If I had that much steem power I would buy awesome stuff all the time too :) enjoy that wealth...I will catch up and surpass you one day!

Haha! Well I have never powered down so I don’t spend any on this type of stuff yet. Steem is too hard to earn for me to spend any.

yeah and the price it is these days its best to just hodl until bitcoin takes off again.

Hindsight is everything... this time around I am posting every. single. day.
reinvesting my rewards and even a part of me is thinking of investing into steem until I get to 10,000 sp, at that point the upvotes I give people and myself will actually be worth something, even if its minor

I'd definitely rock one of these. I like the hard shell.

A drone pack? Can you say accessories? Haha! We're about to buy a cheap drone for our soon to be 7 year old's bday coming up. It'll be our first experience so wish us luck. Nice bag!

Expect it to crash! Lol....the crazy thing is the cheap ones are the hardest to fly. The Phantom is way to expensive for a 7 your old BUT I have let several kids under 12 fly my drone with me there. It’s hard to crash unless you do something reckless.

wow....such a wonderful and interesting bag....hahaha...I'm really like it...
amazing and creative...
wel done and perfect work sir...
upvoted and resteemed.....

that not a post its a hunt hehehehe

That is some next level packing for the drone . Cool gadgets come with even better packing accessories

nic backpack and i would like t purchase it

Well I lef t the link to buy it. I bought mine at Best Buy but I’m sure amazon and ebay have these as well.

ok sir, i hope u are feeling amazing after using it ,it gives a uniqueness am i right sir

and what is cost of it?

A bit pricey but really cool.

Yea right!? 200 is steep, I think it should have more features for that much loot.

What an awesome bag it much is the price of that?

They are 200.00 usd. Not cheap for sure.

Very good built and good quality backpack .

It’s got a sleak look to it too. 😜

@broncnutz Is the bag have any AI features? but anyway the bag have a killer look.

It looks nice for sure but it doesn’t really have anything special on the inside other than some padding for the drone and a strap to hold it in place.

This such a amazing and interesting bag .
I don't see this type bag , really different bag .

Thanks for sharing @broncnutz
Upvote you .

It is good feeling when we got what we's great you got this bad as you needed it also.this is looking Beautiful.

It is really a fanstastic bag but I think the price is really very high(200 usd)

This is really cool sir thanks a lot for sharing.

@broncnutz way to go and also listing this on Steemhunt of which I support. I like their initiative............

Very smart production @broncnutz. Inside so fascinating style. Price & carrying out comfortable.

Very well made backpack for accessories .

@broncnutz you want to purchase it or you already purchased it.

Very nice backpack. Smartly build up. Better introducing @broncnutz.

nice carry bag

Well it looks more amazing because of that support bag in case it ran out of battery so there come no issue in crash landing lol
The price is obviously too high becuase of safety for drone

I don't have any Drone yet but i will buy someday

These are just LOVE

That means it was a good buy! If it makes you comfortable to take it on your travels and does not bother at all that will make the places easier to carry the drone :)

The price does seem steep but you are right the molded case is the safest for the drone and camera. Its probably worth it to have better protection and better access for additional usage.

Very nice cool post how much price that sir

Hello friend thanks as you are sharing a lot more interesting items now a days.

Yes sir really this bag has great functions.

Now that's what I need Big Bronc! Nice one dude. ;-)

This is one of those bags which can provide all the services,thank you @broncnutz.

Really nice bag sir,thanks a lot for sharing.

How will I buy this backpack. Amazing creativity.
Great work by producer.

nice toy. Wish I have a drone.

Anyways.. do you know the changes to SmartCash's Smart Rewards? There seem to have some new changes since the latest hard fork...

It's quality backpack and it's price also good 200$ haha

That's quite an interesting find perfect fit too and looking trendy looks :)

enjoy that wealth...I will catch up and surpass you one day!

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Backpack price is just $199 that is affordable when you are getting so many unique features in it.