Lyfe planter - The Lyfe floating plant pot on a oak base

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Lyfe planter

The Lyfe floating plant pot on a oak base




Hunter's comment

The Lyfe floating plant pot from Flyte, you first believe that the Magic really exists. And that is understandable, because the Lyfe floats literally above his oak pedestal thanks to magnetic levitation, and that is quite special to say the least. But that is not everything. This special plant pot rotates constantly around its own axis, and is designed in such a way that the 12-sided shape always reflects a different kind of shadow. And thanks to the clogged water reservoir the pot does not leak. And even there the Lyfe does not stop yet. The plant pot is extremely suitable for so-called 'air plants', which grow without soil and remove their food from the air. And where is that better now than when they are hanging in the air. Mind-blown.


The Lyfe floating planter from Flyte consists of a plant pot and an oak pedestal. The plant pot is made of silicone, and is 10 centimeters high and 8 centimeters wide. A water reservoir is concealed in the plant pot. The pedestal, in which the magnet is also used, is made of sustainably produced oak and is 15.3 centimeters.




Hunter: @brittandjosie

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Strange its New and not on hunt yet so. Maybe I did something wring with the page. But really I fo not understand it



Isnt it! So magical