Games of the kings: The blood - Use your strategic ability to wage epic wars

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Games of the kings: The blood

Use your strategic ability to wage epic wars



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Game of kings game is a game of strategic ability to efficiently manage resources and also wage epic wars.

This game is fee mobile game where you fight armies, dragons, and monsters to achieve your destiny which is in way to forge your empire and become the king.

You will have to build your empire, train your warriors, enhance your city, prepare your defenses, create or join alliances and lots more.

In this game is a very challenging and interesting game where you sit on iron throne and dominate the kingdom.


  • Players vs Players Epic Wars.
  • Explore the world map, seek and attack many different monsters
  • Gather 6 different kinds of resources
  • Gather hundreds of thousands of soldier
  • Rally your guild friends and fight together
  • Power up your Hero with 2 different skill trees system


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I am sorry that I had to delist your hunt because you have used Google Play link for games, which is not the official game URL.

According to SteemHunt posting guideline # 7

There are countless games worldwide, and many of them have narrow target customers. If we accept all new games in Steemhunt, our ranking board may be dominated by games. So, Steemhunt will ONLY accept games that have their own website. Please note if you use any app store or game platform (e.g. Steam) URL on the game product link, your hunt will be delisted.

We don't accept games that have not been launched unless:

  1. the game has announced an actual demo or gameplay, and
  2. people can purchase it as a pre-order.

Please read the posting guidelines before posting your hunt.

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What if I get the game URL will you approve it?

@monajam I just edited it and input the official website.

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