MyLibretto - Your University life in your pocket

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Your University life in your pocket



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MyLibretto is an application that enables University students to manage their activities on campus with ease.

Its main feature is to work as a digital transcript, where you can enter your exam information and in a moment see your average and the total number of earned credits.It also gives you the ability to see into the future

You will be able to customize the parameters in the app to suit or compute the average weight according to your University rules and regulations.
Its more or less having your academic transcript in your pocket.

You have the following in the app:-

. Class schedule

. Exams to do

. Taxes management

. Ability to choose your University

. It has direct link to your university website

. The access is secured with a passcode

. It has widgets,themes and lots more





Hunter: @blessedman939

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SteemHunt Moderation Team

Looks quite useful, much needed tool for students to simplify their academic life and improve time management. Looks like it covers all activities and the ability to link it to university site is great. Good hunt.

Its a amazing apps. we can get all data easily. So It helps us to know our exam, class schedule.
All the features of this app is really good.
Thanks for the hunt

This will help students manage their time perfectly within the campus. Just perfect for students.

Great Hunt

Good hunt

Very useful for students. Using this they know all upcoming studied details easily.

Thanks for sharing

It seems like I will really need this first when I was in college, quite often late in hahaa class, MyLibretto like having a personal reminder assistant, I like and thank you.

I wish there were these kinds of apps, when I was a university student. Very useful app for students. Thanks for sharing.

If I were a college student I would use this practice. It helps you with university related procedures. It will save you time. Useful share. Cool hunt.

With its features, MyLibretto is a great app for university students, unfortunately I am not a university student. Perfect hunt.

Great Hunt @blessedman939. I am the university student, I really like this MyLibretto. Thank you for sharing

The application is very complete, so university life will be a little more organized.

A very useful application for those who study at the university, very good to have all our exams in order, the only bad thing is that it is not well known, besides that I think it will be more useful for teachers than for students.

Seems like very useful application, unfortunately I am not student anymore. I regret that this kind of app was not available when I studied at university :)

Managing multiple tasks being a student is a very difficult task especially in the University. This app has been snatched all of the student''s hearts completely. Good Hunt

It will be useful for university students. It will help you as long as you are a student. You can customize according to yourself.

I love the app

technology covers more and more spaces and it is a reality that we students do not take off from our cell phones. we must then take advantage of our attention and use these technologies for the study. thanks for sharing


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