Geneo Personal - Powerful science-based facial oxygenation device at home

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Geneo Personal

Powerful science-based facial oxygenation device at home



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Hunter's comment

It's like Photoshop for your face- just in real life. Geneo Personal is a sleek little oxygenation device that delivers a complete facial rejuvenation in just a few minutes once a week.

Make yourself look young again with this lab proven device. The Geneo revitalises your face thereby making the skin to be balanced, rejuvenated and healthy in a simple and effective way.

No more Instagram filters, this is the real deal, get that amazing glow and super soft skin through the process of Oxygenation.

The device delivers what we promised as real Oxygenation can only come from within and not just rubbing air bubbles like others as Geneo Personal uses TrueO2 which is real Oxygenation based on the Bohr effect.

The Bohr effect is actually using Carbondioxide to release Oxygen in blood cells up to your skin surface.

All you require is 6 minutes in a week to make yourself young again in 3 simple steps which are:-

. Apply the gel

. Insert the capsule into device

. Massage into your face



Hunter: @blessedman939

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This is indeed a g good hunt

I am pretty sure this will be a fave among so many ladies,heck, I want one myself. Skin Care is just as important as health care and this in my opinion is such a great product to have. Good Hunt.

As I get older, my facial skin seems to be less elastic. Will this product allow us to return to healthy skin? So I want to buy this and try it and experience the effects in person.

Cool product it's true that our skin needs proper oxygen intake in order to stay healthy but due to pollution skin pores get blocked therefore it start looking rough and dull it's nice to see that now users can rejuvenate their skin in the comfort of their own home in an easy and affordable way. Great Hunt

Everybody wants to be seemed younger, including me. I would like to experience Geneo Personal and see the results myself. Great hunt.

best for any lady that wants to stay beautiful and not age too fast.
it's portability is another great feature.

you did well

nice hunt. we need this to keep a better personality, anti-aging is every body's' dream. With properly balanced food and with this gadget one can maintain a charming face. beautiful.

It's good for girls. Keep their faces always be beautiful by doing this facial. The girls should try this Geneo Personal.

We all want eternal youth but that is impossible, with this article you can not have it for life but if you delay it

This will help people that cares so much about their body get their desires .. cool hunt here

Cool! Facial therapy to make face looks smooth and young. I believe women would love this and those having problem with wrinkle skin.

An excellent gadget that will allow our face to recover some oxygenation and help us improve our skin through a system that is responsible for cleaning our pores and progressively eliminating imperfections and blemishes. I think it's great that such a compact gadget allows us to apply small layers of oxygen directly on our face.

Waoo its a very good and useful product for everyone and every one wants to to healthy and looking young.
we can look healthy and looking young using Geneo Personal and important thing is our face looks pretty

This is great..
Making you look younger.
This is something I would love to try. Already imagining how it would feel like on the face

Facial care is very important, especially for ladies. Facial care allows you to look healthy, relax and look young.

I will definitely get this, we love my face to look young and I will advise everyone to. Let's fight aging

Cool Hunt


  • It is ideal for you beauty routine at home.
  • It is suitable for all type of skins.
  • It covers your basic beauty needs, from exfoliation to cleansing to treatment.
  • It gives you an amazing glow and super soft skin.
  • It uses a TrueO2 real oxygenation.
  • It has a full rejuvenation cycle that gets rid of dirt and toxins and enriches your skin.

Great hunt 👍

Wow this is very good to be true. It’s really a good, perfect an efficient product for users who adores their body as they can enhance and do more with this

So, we will look 10 years younger by Geneo Personal, right? Lol, Very useful product for ladies but for men, too. Great hunt.


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Wonderful Hunt!!!

The device delivers what we promised as real Oxygenation can only come from within and not just rubbing air bubbles like others as Geneo Personal uses TrueO2 which is real Oxygenation based on the Bohr effect.

Thanks for sharing