Draw your game - Cool application for children to draw their own games

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Draw your game

Cool application for children to draw their own games



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Every child wants to be able to make their own video game. "Who among us has never thought about that? Draw Your Game is a user-friendly application that provides a solution so that anyone can make their own video game

The Draw Your Game application allows you to create a number of worlds without borders, either on the same sheet of paper or on other sheets, one after another, to create a storyline.




Hunter: @blackayla


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Good hunt @blackayla! This is surely a very nice way to allow kids to channel their creativity in the right direction. In the age of smartphones and tablets, kids can now play games that make them get creative. I think this may be a favourite with kids and their parents soon.

This is a very useful apps not only for children but adults too. Its very interesting as we will be able to create our own game with it. I want to try it out. Very good hunt!

That's cool! Keep bringing awesomeness to SteemHunt!

Look at you go! Well done, your post has been cleared for liftoff--Keep it up Hunter!

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My fingers can't paint well. So I don't really like painting. and I finally didn't want to try and feel embarrassed.

If I like painting!

Great hunt @blackayla.

Not only for children but I think adult like also can have fun with this. :)

Agree with you friend.

Nice hunt my friend.

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