AR Designer - Capture interest with Augmented Reality

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AR Designer

Capture interest with Augmented Reality



Hunter's comment

Here is my hunt of the day !

Found this really great new tool to design your very own Augmented Reality.

It only takes 3 steps to create your first AR

  1. Importing your assets
  2. Build the experience you want to showcase
  3. Publish and distribute

There is already a ready app for both Apple and Android for the view client.

Soon we will see a whole lot of both consumers and businesses implementing AR as part of their advertising and educational strategies.

Great things to come !



Hunter: @bitrocker2020

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It's really cool! I think kids like it very much. I really like it as well and I'd like to buy it for my son. It could be very helpful for learning. Thank you for sharing a nice product!

Welcome back hunting Simon! Good to have you around sharing cool products! ;)

This is awesome! This makes designing augmented reality a lot more accessible to a lot more people - so a lot more artists can enhance their portfolios and make a lot of apps more interesting by using this to add AR features! The examples in the video are pretty cool, they really bring the textbook to life (with a literal beating heart) and it seems that there's a lot of room for innovation with this technology.

I think board games can have clever uses of AR, since the board itself should be able to stay put, but maybe it can score points in a more interesting way with an AR app.

The old ways are going to dissapear. I always get surprised by tech improvements, and this one really delivers, Awesome hunt.

Wow, It is best for increasing knowledge in Kidz mind as a practice and it also gives the entertainment to the kid to take interest in their lesson. Thanks for sharing.

Great tool to turn AR into something that can be used in everyday situations. This could definitely help get the technology into​ the hands of more people.

@bitrocker2020 Great hunt my friend.

I am not much aware about AR techs. But check the video and your review, I liked it. I will research more for sure.

Keep hunting coll stuff my friend.

Thanks for checking out my hunt

I went through the site, video, but could not make out much of it. I wish, they should have given an intro kind of thing. Is it like we can build the ads and show them to public using the app ? or if you can share, what can be done then that would help.

Apparently you can fill in the details and you will get the beta version of the app. Its still new therefore not much reviews on it yet

This product is very cool because it uses the AR technology to capture interest. It has a very high potential to invest and develop.

Once Virtual Reality was the big thing but now we are just improving day by day. If you don't know here's the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. In virtual reality, we go inside the game using VR headsets. In augmented reality, it is all opposite. The game characters come into our world using camera and technology. I think both technologies are very cool and I would like to see how they evolve in the future! Nice hunt!

Wow another cool designing tool here .. I love to design let's see if this can beat corral and phontoshop of this world .. Great hunt here

It is wonderful to see how technology is becoming closer to us every day in our homes and give us benefits that we do not imagine it would give us, this product has many applications from entertainment to education and everything at your fingertips, is great, great hunting.


I don't know if this really can capture everyone's interest, but sure captured mine, thank you very much for your hunt~

AR is a buzz world already for many many years, but as so many new technologies, it takes a long time to get relevant. Concepts and ideas must be turned around into development environment that are easy to learn to be adopted by many. AR Designer may just do that. It certainly takes a next step into making AR accessible for a larger public.

It's one of the tools easily accessible for anyone to start creating their own AR ads.. Gonna be loads of new ads coming up from very creative ppl

Most likely indeed :)

Cool, Have a Nice hunt @bitrocker2020, this Augmented Reality makes kid genius Because they can see the reality without experience and this makes their brain intelligent. WEll DONE

this hunt is great because kids will learn with fun and they can see things in working condition like that heart in the video. so I think its really good to know that Augmented Reality is not only for games but we can do much more by this technology and this hunt is the real proof of that. again great hunt :)

The creation of AR is going to be big in the next few years. Along with VR, it will change how we access information. AR is only going to bring information to us immediately and up close.

@ bitrocker2020 excellent hunting. Congratulations
Augmented reality is something that is growing a lot, it is very useful for teaching purposes
Thank you very much for letting us know this great product
I wish you happy hunting

Cheers @jlufer... AR will sure be embedded as part of tomorrow's advertising standards. Its just the matter of fine tuning the wearable to enable these ads.

this is innovative and i love the fact that it aides a better teaching strategy because it can be used for teaching and it can also help kids to learn so much from it,the product is well created and designed

This is a great hunt bro @bitrocker2020..!!
Everything at your fingertips..
This app really help kids and adult to find some things that interesting.. I think kids will like this app as their can see the real one how its working,like our heart or lungs.
Thanks for hunting this..
Keep hunting ...!!!

it is awesome designer i like this AR designer

@bitrocker2020, this is really interesting. Never knew there is AR for educational material. Great for teachers to look at. Cool.


  • Reconstructed template.
  • It contains images.
  • Preview of the work.
  • Update in real time.
  • Does not use space on the phone.


  • Any.

AR is much bigger than VR. Apps like this will slowly push it forward. Also it looks very interesting and will be of great use for a lot of things, like presentation and learning. Great hunt.


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Woow, publishing and learning with AR

Wow quite educative... Thanks for the hunt

fantastic your search would like to have one at this moment to create my own art, it must be great, thanks for sharing.

What a great hunt! but do people need to be very good in specific field to create an AR?

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