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Ecological clothing


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The Pangaia company has used its valuable knowledge and experience as well as the latest material technologies to create a clothing line that does not need to be washed for 100 days! Most importantly, there is no question of artificial plastics. All materials are completely natural and ecological because they are recycled.

Due to the fact that you do not have to wash clothes so often that they remain fresh and fragrant, we care about the natural environment by saving water and reducing the use of environmentally hazardous detergents.


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I tend to wash my clothes for a day. Because if I eat meat at a restaurant or if I exercise, it smells like meat and sweat in my clothes. But it would be convenient if you have clothes that you don't wash often. But I will know if all the products are okay after I use them myself.

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Thank you @fknmayhem!

that does not need to be washed for 100 days

Is it even possible?

Due to the fact that you do not have to wash clothes so often that they remain fresh and fragrant.

how they will remain fresh and more importantly fragrant? i lol If it is possible still i won't go for such clothing i am used to changing my dress 2 time a day so it is not for me 😂. Apart from joke this is really unique hunt i have never heard about such clothing and technology before😂

You change your clothes two times day? Hehe..... Rich @xawi

lol i agree

if you tends to wash daily your cloths, and its make an extra burden to you. than it would be very effective for you. and all material are completely naturals and ecological because they are recycled. this is awesome

I always thought thrifting was the best way to combat fashion industry waste but this seems like an equally good idea.

I am not sure how they could managed to produce such things. 100 years without washing! That sounds amazing. I hate doing laundry. This can be a great environmental friendly solution to reduce water usage and help the environment.
Great find!

wow this technology is very fast and easy. We can get this of cloth with we do not need to wash then this is really fantastic. It's so cool and wonderful technology, will try this. Thanks

I have the same doubt as others. While not washing clothes sounds nice, it makes them last longer, wastes less resources and is made from "natural" material, I don't know how that works in a hot country. How does it fight sweat odour. Sitting in a bus on a hot day where people haven't washed their clothes for a 100 days! Nightmare alert. It's a great hunt if it works.

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I amazed with this anyone can wear it withing washing till 100 Days. How much it costs?
Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Great gift for people who find cloth washing difficult. It will not only make their life easy but it also help to save natural resources live water, detergents and environment. Nice hunt

This is unbelievable that this cloth don't need to wash for 100 days and that too it's environment friendly. I don't how this possible but if it is then for sure it's great saving of water. We use lots of water to wash clothes and that can be saved. Water is precious and this innovation is amazing to save that. Awesome hunt my friend @bitland

Waoo awesome.
No need for washing for so many days meaning no detergent pollution, lesser water consumption.
That is a great way to help our environment.

Super Cool Product and these are the clothes where dirt and debris just rolls over the clothes in that way we don't have any stains & don't need to wash clothes it's amazing man i just want these shirts from now on. Excellent Search

Interesting. But do I want to wear a cloth for up to 100 days without washing? Granted that it might not get dirty due to the technology, what about the sweats and all? I don't think I can buy into such idea. Good hunt anyway.

When we frequently wash our clothes, after a while the colors fade and the image is distorted. Therefore, we do not know that the days we can use our clothes are numbered and according to him clothes preference - brand, etc. should pay attention to features. But I can say that this brand's clothing is natural production and it can be preferred because our body moves more comfortably and the usage time is long.

Well tbh it could be useful I must say but some of the facts like not washing the cloth for 100 days that really got me lol but yeah liked the usage of plastic and the idea behind it. Nice Hunt !!

those detergents are too much unhealthy i have seen people who gets troubles because of smell of those detergents it also weakens the clothes but this we can say natural thing we can save not only water but also money which were gone for buying those hazardous detergents .

What a great hunt @bitland keep on hunting 😊 upvoted😊

Yeah! It is awesome and I think even I should have such cloths because I don't like washing my cloths due to lack of time as I am living far away from my Home in PG. it become difficult to afford time and with this cloth I can wear is by exchanging till 100 days. :grinning:

The best thing it is made of no Plastics first time when I see this hunt I though it would made of plastic material. Good Find my Friend...

These clothes offer so much and for these reasons, anybody would like to buy them. The only concern is the surety of this point specially when competition grows:

It’s only harvested every four years, allowing for full replenishment in between.

this is so incredible, 100 days without washing, we need this kind of clothes in my country, it should be imported..

😂😂😂 This is going to be very good for dirty people.
And lazy people 😂 who do not like to wash but love to wear fancy clothes.
I love this, really.
And yes, I love to wash my clothes 👗👚👖

A cloth that you cannot be wash for 100 days is absolutely amazing. This kind of clothing is very cool with nature. No artificial materials added and its completely biodegradable. When we support products like this, then its a responsible decision we have made.

Wow! What a great hunt you have searched. This is the best company to keep the clothes fresh without any use of water. This saves water also and the water will not be wasted. This is the best technology for our clothes. The good fragrant will also be there and our clothes will not be damaged a lot.
Actually I found this very good technology. thanks for sharing.... great hunting. @bitland

It is unbelievable development that you can use your clothing upto 100 days with out washing and your clothing remain fresh and clean . It is much amazing for every home. I think it is big source to save the water because most of the countries are facing the less water problem.

Hi hunter greetings

Indeed cool technology who can even imagine that science would invent such kind of clothes where you don't have to wash them for 100 days and still they would be like fresh that you have never worn. Very impressive innovation thank you have a good day

New brand on the block PANGAIA is all about sustainability. The functional core collection uses bio-based and post-consumer recycled materials and plastic bottles. Each item comes in TIPA packaging,


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