Furrion Adonis - Luxury AI Yacht

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Furrion Adonis

Luxury AI Yacht



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Hunter's comment

Furon Adonis provides luxury and comfort above other yachts and super yachts, based on a comprehensive AI on-board system. Thanks to face recognition, voice control, intelligent mirrors and touch displays scattered throughout the ship, Angel system makes luxurious holidays in the oceans that are more personalized and spectacular.

The most important element of the Adonis construction is the Angel system, a personal assistant similar to Alex, designed specifically for living on the move, whether at sea or on land. The system combines a number of intelligent functions and information.



My opinion:

Very nice jach but the price scares off - 5$ million.




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This yacht is different than normal one because it has latest innovation technology equipped with it.

It introduced AI technology for giving excellent experience.

This yacht has luxury features.

Nice find, Thanks for sharing


Thanks for the review @lavanyalakshman!

Hi @bitland,

Thanks for your hunt. Before I can approve it, please change the product link to point at an actual Furrion website about the Adonis yacht. A simple search for Adonis on Furrion’s website provided three possible links.

Also note that the hunter should provide evidence of CES2019 presence for the tag to be used.

Please let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested updates so I can finalize this review.


Hello @fknmayhem, I corrected mistakes!


Thanks, approved.


Thank you @fknmayhem!

This is like an IRL bond yacht. With the built in AI it allows for both security and ease of use. It looks very sleek and futuristic while hinting at reality. The price tag isn't very hefty for those who do have a soft spot for yachts and technology.
If used well, furrion could be the go to yacht for a nice vacation on water and use it's AI to make life much easier!

Nice hunt. This is a new addition to my bucketlist for sure!


Thank you for the review @blind-spot!


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