Ford's Lane-Keeping Bed - Smart bed

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Ford's Lane-Keeping Bed

Smart bed



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Hugging a loved one improves mood and strengthens the bond. Also falling asleep in her embrace is a pleasure, at least as long as it does not mean having to lie on the very edge. In this situation, you can put on separate beds, but Ford engineers have invented perhaps something better.

Mattress, which has been equipped with pressure sensors. They allow to determine where at a given moment there are people lying, and specifically whether one and the other lie in their places, or whether one of them leaves insufficient space for the other. What happens when this second situation occurs? The integrated belt conveyor releasing the space that is missing is activated.


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A simple thing but it can prevent a fight in the morning.
The bed size is quite small from my opinion and I'm curious what will happen if the bed system is malfunction like giving pressure too much so one of them got pressed onto the floor 🙄

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