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Personal Cooling System



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Summer is coming, each of us likes sunny days, but what if we are too hot and there is no shade nearby?

ExtremeMist will help you cool and watertil on hot days.




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That's a good idea. We sometimes spray mist when our faces are dry. Mist moisturizes our skin and we can look young. And the effect of mist is to cool the skin as it becomes dry from the skin Perhaps the principle of this product is this. When water vapor is released from the chest during outdoor activities, it can dry up and lower body temperature. Thank you for introducing me to a good product. But the price of the product seems to be a bit high.

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Thank you @dayleeo!

most welcome!
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ExtremeMist will is used in hottest areas. People did not bear the hot shine of sun so they use this cooling technology.

its great to take it antwhere, offers great cooling effects

I will definitely use this amazing cooling system when i will go to travel.

Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

I need this Man as the Summer season has been started at my place and it is too hot. The umbrella and other cooling material has not impact. I think it could be a good option for Wild traveler and Hiker that helps them to be cool even in Hot weather.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

We are now in April and where I live, the weather is pretty dry and overwhelming. I can say that it is a different but creative product, we cannot do anything against the hot weather. :))

This cooling system is unique and it's nice to use during the hot weather. During summer we need to have extra cooling comfort. It's good to use especially for going outside area or other any place.

Given how hot it gets in mumbai, i think i need this. I like walking and i would prefer this than driving everywhere. Nice hunt and I am sure a lot of people who run, hike will love this.

each of us likes sunny days

Nah i don't like sunny days in summer :P well i was exploring site just to check how does it work really nice, cool technology. It has 2-in one functionality like hydration and misting at the same time. well in summers keeping hydrate yourself is a big issue i would love to buy this it will help me when i go out in summers

SUMMER is already here which is really hot for a few days and we need such cooling systems to control our body temperature. This seems quite nice and handy. Easy to get a cooling effect in hot days.

Nice Hunting!

@bitland, wow cool hu8nt. This is exactly the gadget I want to get for my hiking and camping trips. This water mist seems like a perfect solution to have under the hot sun in the afternoon. It will certainly help to cool down and the mist will make it very refreshing. Great hunt.

I really like this new tech which is obviously summer needed. I agreed. Water is essential keeping body dehydrate. Nice!

This can be really helpful in preventing heat stroke to the travellers and tourists during summers. Awesome

Tbh whenever I go outdoor coz of maybe shooting a video or even photographs the one thing that really gives pain is the weather and heat but they are all worth it for the end result besides this could really come in handy for people who likes to explore outside and likes to be in the nature. Nice way to make thyself feel comfortable in this kind of heat situation.

Nice hunt

It looks cool new product and i really like it coz with this product users constantly running into mist which cools them down pretty cool all in all it is a good safety item as well as it helps runners with dry throat. Awesome Search

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I totally appriciate your effort you find best and perfect cooling system. I think everyone don't like summers. This cool system helps us to spend our summer very easy and cool. I think this great product spcially for labour who works in the summers. Labour work is very hard. Now a days temperature is very high. This product is best for outhing in summer. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

This personal cooling is really an amazing invention, it can help you keep yourself cool in the hot weather of this summer.

This is like another one of those dreams come true when I was a kid during the the really hot weather and forest hiking days I always hoped for some kind of spray to keep cool but instead of just getting water sprayed on your face this personal cooling system as a nozzle which turns the water into a refreshing cooling mist which feels great for keeping cool.

This is the coolest way of staying cool available in the market AFAIK. It doesn't look bulky. You basically just have to add water and that's it, The price is reasonable and might even call it cheap if you are a constant traveller/hike type. Personally I hate sweaty hikes. But with something like this, a person could at least bear the suffering while looking awesome.

I hope they'd get good sales. ExtremeMist even made replacement parts available so you don't have to get a new product when something goes wrong. This is real eCool.pnghical customer centric selling. Props to that!

Peefect for people who hiking, travelling and exploring nature in hot weather conditions. Easy to carry pack of water that acts as a mist and drinking water. This product is good for those who work under extreme sunlight and hot conditions.

Incredible idea, Helpful for all who are working outside in summer, like site engineers and other workers, so they can easily cool their self with this cooling system nice hunt

This is cool for keeping ourself cool and chill. This is showing that we are so fast in technology. That is useful for everyone in hot days.
Thank you for cool hunt.

This is the most handy way to stay cool on summer outing. The best thing is not only cooling it can humadified as well. So on hiking or outing we will feel less thirsty.
The set up is simple and a person can easily replace and set a new at outdoor. Really a great find!

A good way of adjusting to the hot weathers. Summer is close by and I think we all should get this


I have seen the mist sprayers at bars and restaurants in the past and the first time I am seeing a personalized one. I think this it will be something that becomes fairly popular with hikers and anyone wanting to stay cool. It looks simple enough to refill and it should last a while as you can control when you want the mist or not.

This mist system that can cool us in the sunny days is quite a funny invention. For sure it will help us keep the body temperature within normal levels. I am just wondering if it could spray beer at the same time :) Great find nevertheless!

This hunt is great! During the heat it makes foggers like those sold a fortune in the trade except that it is refillable at will! The mist is very fine and the jet long enough, it is even better than a classic fogger. I am really interested to buy it!

I like this tool as in my village we have very hot temperature as it can go above 52*C and many people die due to heath stroke in my country. This is amazing invention and I would like to try this one out. Thanks for sharing this @bitland.

No, no, no, no, and a thousand times no. I definitely can't agree with those hunts that don't show a minimum of effort in being elaborated and the worst thing is that it is actually about a very cool and practical product that is being wasted.

Good hunt, not so good effort, thanks for sharing!

Wao, this is amazing concept. Its may and temperature is already getting unbearable. For travellers it will be very handy kit to got out in hot chill out.

This is hilarious and extremely useful at the same time. I could truly see people using this in the great outdoors

As the summer has arrived, I am excited to see stuff like this. Hopefully it will help us to fight the hot weather.

Perfect gadget for mountain climber and travels. Climbing can be very risky in the hot weather , There should be something that could help them to fight this hot weather.

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A very useful and cool way to avoid heat. I love summers more than winters but sometimes you feel exhausted when you go out and I guess ExtremeMist can be a cool choice for anyone. I am new to this platform. I was exploring things then i came across on the steemhunt platform i spent almost half an hour to understand well this is my first ever comment on steemit but not steemhunt :) i would love to be part of this platform because i have so much interest in reviewing things l :)

Summer is comming bringing very hot. ExtremeMist is very important cooling system. It is much useful while travelling and hiking. It is good for small children during playing or visiting outside like beach etc.


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