Brot - Lamp for growing herbs

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Lamp for growing herbs



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Growing herbs at home is already the norm so today I present the lamp Brot, lamp is designed for breeding herbs, vegetables or sprouts. Great arrangement of the dining room and kitchen.

Fresh greens always at hand.


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You get 3 great function in one device. That's great innovation of it. Beautiful home with beautiful and stylish lamp, make your green view in your kitchen, also provide the healthy food for your family. Amazing technology today

The way of growing herb is innovative, i think it can use at large scale to grow herbs.

I must say is the coolest hunt of the day. I really love such kinda technology. This is the nicest way to grow herbs at home i really do appreciate the idea behind this gadget. very nice thanks for sharing with us :)


Thank you my friend!

Home farming has been said to easier because of management. We see what we planted almost every minute we walk in the home. This technology will put our mind on what we planted and planting would be fun. This is also aesthetically beautiful. It would look nice in the kitchen or the sitting room. I will most likely use this for pure vegetables if i am to get one. Nice hunt and kudos to the developers.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

An additional plus is a nice smell and fresh air! Thank you @smyle!


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Thank you @teamhumble!

I like this growing lamp very much and is a definite must for any serious cook. Having fresh herbs at hand changes the flavor of the cooking and enhances any dish. The growing idea using a lamp is not new. but this concept just looks to have been put together so well. This is ideal for the kitchen and I am sure it will be popular. Great hunt.

Excellent hunt dera @bitland
Could you add the product price in your description?
Anyways thanks for your hunt.


Hello @mawahab, the only thing I found was this information ''The Brot is not yet for sale, but the company hopes to find a production facility soon'', but I will watch this project and as soon as the price appears, it will notify you!

Wonderful! The light first caufht my attention because it looks beautiful. An alternative way to breeding herbs different from the normal garden setting is a welcome idea for me. At least i can now enjoy vegetables nurtured by myself in my kitchen! Good invention!

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Exactly, always fresh herbs in the reach of the hand. Thank you @gracelyn-joseph!

I have never heard about this lamp before. Brot is a great prove of technology. Technology is so fast now a days. It will help a lot of people to grow herbs. Thank you for the cool hunt.

Grow plants at your home is something very good for you and for the health of your family.This lamp looks amazing!

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I agree with you! Thank you @steliosfan!

Is this light performing the duty of the sunlight?? Well it is a good thing to know we can grow our herbs indoor now

Growing herbs is almost a must if you are cooking on a regular basis and I bet many of us has herbs in pots. I've never seen anything like this but it's already love at first sight. It's very useful and practical and also looks good. Nice hunt.


Yes and very nice arrangement of home rooms. Thank you @erikah!

This is cool! This is a simple and yet advance way of breeding herbs at home. Instead of using the garden, one can adopt this method instead and take care of the herbs in his kitchen or or dining. The light would beautiful anywhere it is placed. For those of us who love vegetables, we can just grow them indoor and enjoy. Nice hunt!


Thank you @naijaguy !

Things like this at home increase the beauty of home.these are also useful for kitchen.through this fresh herbs on small scale for daily use can be obtained.great use of technology.

cool hunt

This is kinda unique but seems so cool :)
Would also look beautiful in the room :)


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