Syncthing - A sync application that keep your data sync between devices

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A sync application that keep your data sync between devices


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Syncthing is an open source application that replaces centralized cloud services and keeps data in sync with all connected devices.

The data is not stored on servers, rather a local folder of the users is share with other devices. Therefore, it act as the intermediate gateway to send and receive changed file among call connected clients. One folder can be shared with many different devices explicitly, which make us selective about which device have access to which files.

  • Since all the data is locally and only localy shared there is no trusted third party involved, which makes it more secure and reliable on the usage of our files.
  • The connection is encrypted with TLS, so there is a reduces risk of MITM.
  • Since al nodes are connected by manual adding, there is no risk of an outsider coonecting to access files.

Syncthing is available for all major desktop and for Android pones.



Hunter: @bitbase

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A nice system that synchronizes open source data. It's safe for you to share locally. The data will be securely transferred. A quick solution and a nice hunt.

The website needs to be further developed and colored. It has a nice feature. The connection is encrypted with TLS, thus reducing the risk of MITM. Easy to synchronize with local data transfer. Cool hunt and thanks.


I think this application is very cool, now with the presence of Syncthing it can be easy to keep all my data on all devices. thank you for your great hunt. I will try this great application