ShareDrop - Share files between any device with any os

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Share files between any device with any os


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ShareDrop is an open source web app that allows you to share files among devices within your local network. This doesn't use any server to send files and is similar to Apples Airdrop.

The only requirement for sending files between devices is that any two devices that are associated should have access to website using a web browser. Therefore, there is no need for any installation or setup.

The instructions for shareing is given in the website in how to connect two devices, and it is just by visiting a unique url provided in one device from the other.



Hunter: @bitbase

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Great hunt @bitbase!

This is the kind of software I was looking for, I need to try it, could save lots of time when moving many small files.


specially android ios sharing

A highly secure file-sharing site that does not require any installation. A nice feature is that it does not need installation and programming. Make sure you have access to the website of the two devices you need to do. It's that easy.

Is it secure? Because sharing files on the same network may be better if using a USB or shared folder on the same network. Anyway, cool hunt, this is something new for me, will try it later.


sometime your need to share with a friend. In which case you cannot go through the pain of setting up those things

The sharing instructions are clearly displayed on the website. No additional information is needed for this reason. Sharing between two devices is now easy. And you don't need any program for it. I like open source applications. Thanks



This thing is so amazing!!!!!!'
you can now share different stuff on different devices with different O.S. This is a new kind of freedom you know. I love it. Its pretty unique.
Amazing hunt!

It is good to share files among devices within my local network, and it is great that Sharedrop doesn't use any server to send files. Perfect hunt.

I think this application is very cool, I can share my files with several devices just by connecting with the web application. With this website, I can easily move my files efficiently


Yeah. But the only downside is we need internet connection.

An extremely useful app because let's admit it connecting our devices to a PC every time we want to transfer a file is somewhat tedious. It is much more practical to do it through the local network and this app achieves this with perfection and with an amazing rate of speed.

Well done

A very practical, simple and easy to use app that will allow us to transfer, copy and exchange data and files between the devices of the same local network. The interface is very well developed and gives us a very high transmission speed.

Great hunt


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Well done!

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This site is really useful for sharing files from anywhere.
If this site can bypass china great firewall, this will be a lifesaver.

Nice i like it and thank you


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