search encrypt - A search engine which encrypts search information

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search encrypt

A search engine which encrypts search information


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Hunter's comment

One of the search engines that respects user privacy, which according to their website has three methods of protecting the end user.

  1. The searches are encrypted in the end users browser and then taken to the servers. Leaving search encrypt unknown of the search terms.
  2. The search history is clear within 15 minutes of inactivity, therfore any person has access to the users browser has no idea of the search.
  3. It uses advanced SSL to encrypt the search terms before sending to the servers locally.



Hunter: @bitbase

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Well done!

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SteemHunt Moderation Team

I also saw a hunt 2 days ago that respects our privacy. I am happy to see the hunts like them. Search encrypt is also one of them. Thanks for sharing.

I think this search engine is great, it is able to search for all materials and maintain user privacy. thank you for your great hunt today