Anbox - Run android apps on linux

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Run android apps on linux


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Anbox (Android in a BOX) is like wine, but for andoid apps. It is a compatibility layer for Linux that allows to run android apps. It puts android apps into a cointainer like docker and then runs the android app like natively installed.

It runs AOSP based android ROM and is only available as a snap package. So, if you have an ubuntu based distribution, you have anbox ready for install. For all other distributions, snapcraft should be installed.

Since this is not an emulator or a virtual machine, it has direct access to hardware, therefore making it more native an friendly.

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This is a cool product, because this is not an android emulator as we experience on Windows. So, hardware acceleration is better. Maybe the learning curve becomes sharper, but Anbox is very useful.


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Wow now this thing is just something way amazing!
Its a thing that can change entire scenario. Running android apps on linux. Thats amazing. I wanna try it.
Great hunt !!!!!!!!


Linux is pushing boundaries. Sonner or later this will be the best desktop operating system.