Leafsnap - Just snap a photo of a leaf and this app identifies the tree

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Just snap a photo of a leaf and this app identifies the tree



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Have you ever asked yourself or someone you were with what is the name of a tree you are looking at might be? Now you can find out on the spot. Leafsnap is a free app to identify a tree from a phone photo of its leaf. It is free after being developed by Columbia University, the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institute. It is currently available only for iOS. It is focused primarily on trees in the eastern United States but is expected to expand to cover the whole of the U.S. and Canada in the near future.
Be the cool, in-the-know one in your hiking or walking group, and identify a tree by simply taking a photo of a leaf. How cool is that!




Hunter: @birdbanter


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  • Really useful tool, especially for travelers.
  • Lots of educational value
  • Informative database
  • Great way to spread awareness about the environment
  • Great team


  • None

Sounds like an interesting app, nothing really helpful but for learning something new while hiking it really is cool! Is it only for trees or also small plants in the wild, which you could eat or not eat?

Keep on hunting and enjoy the day @birdbanter

This is a wonderful application. The use of AI to identify all around us. The next step will be to implement this into some type of glasses where we will know what it is just by looking at it.


It sounds like you have a project in mind. Make it happen.

I guess it's very cool. I wish this app will be available for PC/Mac and Android in the future. And I hope we'll have something like this that will cover also other countries' flora as well. useful. thanks for sharing )

Really interesting app. I always wonder the names if I see a new plant. Its using AI to define the name and it gives also enough information about that plant so this app will teach a lot to us. It can be great solution for student and also for travellers. Thanks for the hunt

Its great application and i love the applications which using AI. Its also educational and you can learn many different type of plants or trees with it. Great app to use on vacations. Thanks for this hunt and good luck

I sometimes wonder the trees' name, so it is a good app when I take a walk in the nature. Nice hunt.

This is definitely going to be very helpful. Especially, we can use the app to teach our children, to learn about different trees, their use. I checked the site, unfortunately the android version, is not out yet. So will have to wait till it comes out.

Wow, this is incredible innovation and technology. with this application I can find out the type of tree. This is very important to use to find out some types of trees and this application will identify them. extraordinary

I am a plant lover and i think this app is built for me :) I definetaly use it. It will teach me a lot with discovering new trees. I travel a lot so with its AI it will give me the necessery information about new plants. Thnks for it


  • Works without internet access.
  • Comes with games for entertainment and education.
  • Good for biology/botany students.
  • Visual recognition technology.


  • Available only on iOS.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

Great for researches, scientists, plant lovers, students studying plants and even tour guides. Totally stoke with this app, great hunt and great find. Thks for sharing. @birdbanter

Are you kidding me? I am wowed really! If this give accurate answer, then many doubts about leafs would be solved in seconds. I must download this right away! Thanks for bringing this hunt!

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Thanks you @geekgirl I believe I've fixed the incorrect aspects of the post. Can you repost it please. Thanks.

really been looking for this app! congratulations!!

very cool indeed!

I am terrible at knowing tree names I could use this app for sure


I am terrible
At knowing tree names I could
Use this app for sure

                 - tattoodjay

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It is very cool hunt man
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thanks. I thought it was pretty cool.

Great Hunt, and a very useful app for finding tree name very easily.

It is really great app if you like trekking like me and if you wonder the trees.

Wow, really...that's cool...

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I agree. I downloaded and tried it out already.


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