FlashTorch Mini - Fry eggs and start a fire with this flashlight

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FlashTorch Mini

Fry eggs and start a fire with this flashlight



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Hunter's comment

It is important to have this product each time we’re going for an adventure because it can be so useful in many circumstances. This flashlight has a net weight of 387g and it’s not just a regular flash light product you see in the market.

The most amazing aspect of this product is the fact that apart from using it as a flashlight, you can as well use it to fry eggs and also start a fire with it 2300 Lumens of output which can be regulated for safety.




Hunter: @binitus


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This is one wicked pen. Fry eggs and start a fire with a pen!! I have a feeling people would end up getting into trouble though. I can foresee people burning each other haha

Great one @binitus This is the only Flashlight a Camper will ever need.

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It's a multipurpose tool and looks great for camping but i am seeing the other side of if we accidentally aims it to someone's eyes it can damage their eyesight or might cause blindness too for this reason this device might soon receive restrictions or permanent ban.

It's a very useful item. Especially, I think it will be very useful for hiking or camping. That's a great idea. I really like it. Thank you for sharing a nice item.

WoW!! Just when you thought you have seen it all. Along comes another incredible invention. This is probably the ultimate camping gear accessory that everyone needs when they venture out into the wild. It can cook food and start fires. No need for lighters or matches anymore. Just use your flashlight. Great, Great Hunt @binitus

I think this is Cool Flashlight that can be used to other function like frying eggs and burn something.

We need it if we go camping

Great Hunt!


  • Flash Torch Light
  • 2300 Lumens high efficiency reflector
  • Battery life 30-100 minutes
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • also used for Fry Eggs/Start Fire (useful for outdoor trips)


  • None

It's a huge product of light. It's not a major use, but it's a fun product. I hope the battery stays there long.

Flash Torch Mini is seems perfect thing to do several handy tasks during camping. I loved the product. Very good work.

It is very beautifull tourch . It is very helpfull and amazing for those who want to use it . Thanks for this beautifull hunt

@binitus cool hunt. This flashlight is amazing and also different level of powering up. I remember doing this kind of science experiment when we were young. This flashlight is must to take when going camping. Great hunt.

Wow a handy tool to have when you are camping. And not only that it is a survival tool too..
Great hunt

Start a fire? Ain't that scary tool that it emits fire instead of just light? 😄

Very cool and handy product that will find a lot of use cases outdoors but as well for at home. I like the fact that it has 3 power levels to control the intensity and yes this boy has a lot of power!!! Good Hunt!!!

This product feature is great and cool:

  • can be very useful in many situations.

  • has a net weight of 387g

  • not just the usual flash products that you see on the market.

  • can use it to fry eggs and also light a fire.

  • with 2300 Lumens of adjustable output

This is something else but damn cool. A perfect adventure tool. I hope it has some form of security and it is kid safe. It is an amazing invention. Well-done @binitus.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

Most lovable FlashTorch Mini

Wow .. A multi-purpose flashlight fried egg and this firelight burns. It looks good for the camp. FlashTorch Mini is very good for light travelers

Awesome hunt! best of luck

very coincidentally, because I am a lover of adventure, I used to have trouble solving life when climbing a mountain when I was at an altitude of 1280 meters above sea level, and this flashlight would be the solution.

FlashTorch Mini is very useful for camping or hiking. It can start a fire and cook simple foods. Great product.

A useful and dangerous flashlight.
I guess we can use this for self protection, so no need to bring guns anymore, because this flashlight is deadly as guns.

oh my!!! this seems so un-believeable. Very good for light travelers. it can serve for emergency and good for camp

really cool hunt

This is damn crazy and i really love it. So with this amazing device, i can boil eggs and also set up fire. I looked at it as same tourch light device not knowing it has a lot to offer. Thumbs up, this is cool.

Hiii @binitus you shared interesting & amazing Hunt as "FlashTorch Mini."

FlashTorch Mini is also multi tasking and work like lighter so we can Fry eggs and start a fire with this product. I like to have one piece for me. well sharing friend so keep hunting.

multifunctional for camping etc
lightweight which makes it easy to carry in a backpack
reasonable price

no cons that I can see

Its a unique flashlight,using this flashlight we can fry eggs and also it can melt every plastic material.In tour FlashTorch Mini is a need of tourist to buy this light and take advantage when the ability of fire is not available.

That is super awesome.
Never thought of frying eggs 🥚 with a mere torch... Ingenious idea.

OH WOW ! I love this flashlight / firestarter lol! its so cool @binitus , and looks very easy to use! im moving out to the country , up in the mountains here in British Columbia Canada and will be spending a lot of time outdoors , this would be so handy to take along on fishing and ATV trips , even hunting trips! im definitly going to check this out further , great hunt!!🙋👍👍👍✌💕

What's more interesting is it can help you light the way and at the same time fry eggs. Cool hunt! Thanks for sharing hunter

wow.. really cant imagine, a torch light with a literal torch..How could someone try to invent this product.. It is really needed for survival and someone who is going for a camp.. Now, you have flashlight to give light and a torch that produces fire..

Great product I like this torch, It's future of heating is superb, Now you can use the torch for Light and heating, it is the best solution for peoples who are travellers.

Nice piece of gear with some added touches making it more than just one tool. I can think of loads of uses for this one. Nice!

Flashlight is one of the most important materials you need when you go camping. You get more stuff, but a flashlight gives you multiple possibilities. Like FlashTorch. Nice sharing.

Excellent Hunt! Incredible Flash Light with more Cool Features like it is not just a Flash Light it also works as a lighter to start a fire and fry eggs. Thanks for sharing this amazing Hunt Keep hunting On

♥♦♣Great one hunt..♥♥

♣♦♥Like it...♣♣♣

♥♦♣Keep it up....♥♥♥


FlashTorch Mini a perfect product for all those fellow humans who love camping,outing or touring various places. Multi functional flash light can be useful in so many ways to make one's journey more easy and golden. A brilliant idea and off course an awesome HUNT :)

A flashlight that can not miss when leaving camp, I think this would solve a problem of loss to keep you safe and alive until you are rescued.

Flash torch light with multiple advantages/functions is the coolest thing yiu will get for camping. Impressive.

Am so impressed by what this particular tourch light can do though it looks scary but I believe with the adjustable light feature, this can be safe for anyone to have

Wow, wonderful flashlight that can be used to light a fire and even tease an egg. FlashTorch is able to produce an incredible 2300 lumens of intense white light. It is durable and lightweight.

Thanks @binitus this hunt is great.

Frying eggs and flash torch? Seems no link but there is when you're talking about Flash Torch Mini. Best accessory for campaign and I loved it.

great flashlight perfect to go on a trip and enjoy not only of the day but also of the night besides that a flashlight is very useful not only in the trips but also in the houses

wonderful (1).gif
e61ff317a5 (1).png




  • It is portable.

  • It is mult-purpose.

  • The fire can be regulated.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

With my uncle, we often go camping in the mountains. This type of product will facilitate our work during the camp. I can tell my uncle to buy this product.

The big kid in me wants one to go and mess about in the woods with it, nice hunt!

What can you do with a flashlight? You just use it for light. FlashTorch is not only used for this task. produced for you. You know many things at the same time. Cool hunt.

Flashtorch Mini is beautiful not only for light but also to burn fire and cook eggs. The most important product you need to take when you go to camp or any land. Thanks for the product.

You've got to be kidding me!!!
Is that the heat that is being generated when the flashlight is on is been transformed into fire?

I love the idea behind this if what am thinking is correct

Nice hunt

No dount, FlashTorch Mini will be very useul for outdoor activities. Thanks for sharing. Perfect hunt.

Wow. As small as this is .. It is capable of doing such mighty things .. I love this product .. Cool hunt

What a helpful product. A multipurpose flashlight is a brilliant idea, by utilizing a handy flashlight into a fire igniter . Great hunt!

Flash Torch Mini is very effective and adventure product . The most amazing aspect of this torch are flash light and could be fry egg also.
Stay blessed and keep it up

Wow what a great product, Going out of campins and having this product is great because it not only illuminates me at night but also helps me to set fire. Congratulations for your hunt.


Amazing Hunt @binitus

FlashTorch Mini is an amazing flashlight. This torch creates very bright beam in darkness. It is portable and lighter. But the battery seems to be draining too much while you are using it for burning purposes. Also the charging devices for this torch is not portable.


FlashTorch Mini will be very usable for outdoor activities to start a fire. Great hunt.

This is in the top two hunts and it's well-deserved ranking for it. A must have torch for anyone going to camping. Epic job.

A flashlight with 2 functions. It will help a lot for lovers of camping. You can cook simple foods and light your way at night.

That's one impressive flashligh if it can start a fire and fry eggs.

Going camping is one of my passions, and if one day I get to lose. I would like to carry one of these in my backpack I think it would save my life

Looks really cool by the way
two in one

oh my!!! this seems so un-believeable. Very good for light travelers. it can serve for emergency and good for camp

really cool hunt

Really good three in one tool to have for all the survival lovers. Good Hunt!!!

That's damn interesting, thanks for sharing!

wow, this flahslight just way too cool, can even produce heat for fire. great hunt for sure

It looks like the same flashlight being used by the army. We must be careful of this one because of its ability to start a fire.

James Bond is jealous of this

a multipurpose flashlight you can have light during the night serves as a lighter since it has a mechanism on its upper part that will help you use it to light your fire


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Good product, it would be good to have a flashlight like this to prevent, do not know what could happen, this tool would be very useful in many circumstances.

I want to eat egg fried

wow!, this made me survived in Everest with just a light and a light food packs that needs to be reheated. awesome hunt! I'll definitely share this.

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