dappity - Don't lose track of the dapps you have used

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Don't lose track of the dapps you have used



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Don't lose the big dapps tracking that replaces the central tools we all use that Dappity remembers automatically, is simple and easy to use and makes a big difference for a dapp user using apps that protect your digital rights, data ownership and privacy. Just look at the news every day to see how Google and Facebook violate the remaining privacy rights It's time to regain control




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Very interesting application that has some great potential. I find it interesting that it says in the front page "Featured on Product Hunt".

In a year, sites are going to be saying "Featured on Steemhunt" because that will be the site that matters.

I will look deeper into this application. Being able to remember all the DApps is worthy.

Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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