Dodocool DC53GY - Aluminum Alloy 7-in-1 USB-C Hub

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Dodocool DC53GY

Aluminum Alloy 7-in-1 USB-C Hub



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This makes my MacBook really usable. I can complete a few considers while charging my MacBook Genius such like utilizing a sub stick or a memory card, associate an outside showcases. A lot less expensive than purchasing every one of the connectors that Apple required to get all similar sources of info. A thin gorgeous port multiplier that is tough and secure.


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With a few exceptions, virtually all legacy USB cables have different connectors on either end. USB-C cables with these legacy port connectors (for printers, displays, etc.) on the other side already exist, so it baffles me why these dongles don't just dispense with USB-A altogether, in favor of a line of USB-C ports - and maybe a card reader.

I liked the thing because such things protect your personal laptop computer and keep it very good because of this, charging from here can be easily done without any damage to the laptop or computer, if you wish, using laptop or computer The body can be used to keep these hands easily used to spend a few bucks Everyone should be doing

I have never seen a USB-C dongle or dock that multiplies the number of female USB-C ports, with one exception, the TB3+ from Caldigit. Is there no one developing something like this?

I am not really sure how I feel about eating up two USB-C ports just to give yourself one of them. Most things are going to be moving towards USB-C so I think it would be pretty foolish to tie both of them up. I can see people with established peripherals appreciating this, but I'd rather have the USB-C ports.

I’ve had so many bad experiences with bad USB C knockoff hubs and thats from amazon. Glad that something like Hyper exists. Now just need to get my hands on one somehow...


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