Bite Toothpaste Bits - Getting Toothpaste in bits(tablet) with 100% natural

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Bite Toothpaste Bits

Getting Toothpaste in bits(tablet) with 100% natural



Hunter's comment

Another interesting hunt from me

We know all tooth paste are come in semi liquid and it fill in tube. After using this we throw away this tube. If you know how much plastic wastage it giving. It giving huge plastic wastage. All Toothpaste are come in chemicals there is no 100% natural paste.

For all those problems hear is solution Bite Toothpaste Bits. Yes you get Toothpaste in form of small bits. That to 100% natural.

It don't have any chemicals, TSA friendly, VEGAN, no plastic use.

There is no whiting chemicals added with it. It come completely natural.

    "Less chemicals in our bodies.
      Less plastic in our landfills." 

This is their moto. We get it in two flavors at low prices $12,$20.Each one bottle.

For travelers it us very useful.

On using this is also simple.
Just put one bit in your mouth then bite it, wet it then brush in normal.

You get amazing feel with great whit ness in your teeth.

Each bottle we get 64 pieces



Hunter: @bhavyalakshman

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Thanks for yet another self-patting hunt.


Pls explain it I cont understood what you say. Because I am working hard hear.

Really? This is new to everyone i guess! I deviation from our usual liquid paste. Awesome! I would love to see how it desolves and foams in our mouth. This can prevent wastage too. Nice hunt!

Putting one bit in my mouth then biting it, wetting it then brushing in normal sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

This is amazingly innovative. Saving both our health and environment. Most toothpaste are made of chemicals which are mostly not health friendly and their packaging are also not environmental friendly. Besides, this will be fun to use.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

I definitely support these kind of organic products. Plus tablet idea is pretty unique and functional cause its much easier to carry it even in your pocket to everywhere. Great Hunt!

Interesting toothpaste alternative. I love how there's no waste of product since each it is conveniently packed in single dose pellets. Being chemical free and vegan is nice, but it's the TSA-friendly description that got me. I hate having to leave things behind because they don't comply with the rules.

I love this idea! No waste, no messy toothpaste tubes and all natural. Price also sounds reasonable. Great for traveling.

Having toothpaste pills is a dream come true, I always like to walk with good breath and this would be perfect, many times we are busy and we do not have time to get to the bathroom

Does it have fluoride? You can clean your teeth with just a toothbrush. We use toothpaste for the fluoride. I'm also wondering if it dissolves easily. The undissolve particles might abrade your teeth. This is great innovation! Great hunt!

Nice! I use natural toothpaste in my life. No fluoride for me. Didn't read that it was but if it is I'd give it a whirl!


  • Vegan.
  • Zero waste as the glass jar can be reused or recycled.


  • I sort of like a wet toothpaste to put in my mouth.


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