Yummly Recipes & Shopping List - Your ultimate food recipe directory

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Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

Your ultimate food recipe directory






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Spending so much time on the internet looking for the right recipe for you?
Looking for recipes that will suit your preference in a hurry?
Yummly Recipes and Shopping List will address all your food needs!


  • it has millions of recipes to choose from. Surely there is a collection that will suit you
  • it has filters for easy fact findings. Search your favorite recipe depending on your preference:
    e.g. preferred taste
    preferred meat
    preferred cuisine and so on
  • if you are into vegan, gluten-free, paleo or pescatarian or keto diet, you can easily filter the recipes depending on this categories.
  • if you hate a specific ingredient you can filter the recipes that do not contain it and vice versa
  • it has nutrition at calorie facts
  • if you are in a grocery shopping for the ingredients of the recipe you have chosen it will direct you to what aisle you should come
  • you can make a recipe collection of your own by simply clicking the "yum" button and it will go to your personal selection chamber
  • weekly, hundreds of new recipes are added including recipes from famous cooking shows and blog sites
  • you can block the recipes you don't want to see


  • definitely no cons




Hunter: @beyonddisability


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