LUCID ENERGY - Generates renewable energy by opening the taps

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Generates renewable energy by opening the taps



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Citizens from Portland in the USA now they will be able to generate renewable energy by simply opening their water taps, using their toilets or showering. Fast Company reports that the city of Oregon is using a system to generate green energy with the help of water that flows through the city's pipelines. Some small turbines installed inside the pipes are activated when the water flows, the energy is sent to a generator and this to the electrical network.

Unlike other forms of renewable energy generation, such as solar or wind, the Lucid system can produce energy at any time of the day, because water always flows. The only downside is that the turbines can only produce energy where the water flows naturally downwards by gravity. Lucid pipes contain sensors that can monitor the quality of the water that flows through the pipes, so in addition to being a power generation technology,




Hunter: @better-life-tips

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Agree with @mobi72 here, really innovative idea and unique approach. Great hunt.

Hope others notice it and push it higher.

Wonderful ... Very interesting & out of the box approach and idea/technology in green energy methodology.


Nice comment, thanks

There are many ways to utilize the "wasted" kinetic energy, and this way is very impressive! Great hunt!


  • energy generating with simple inbuilt device
  • we can use it in any urbanized area


  • after the construction, the installing can be mess

Nice pros and cons

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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That's great hunt.. renewable energy is more important today for increased energy mining not just form electricity generally. Solar, wind, soil and water.. yeaah it's like from nature to nature. Eco-friendly products.


agree with you, good comment

I see so many new energy sources nowadays and it is good for people and also for environment. Lucid Energy is a great project for renewable energy. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks to you for read

are not understanding the philosophy behind: to transport water you spend energy but you are not interested in the energy that you spend to transport it but it arrives. Therefore, if you could take advantage of the energy transported through the water in motion you would be recovering lost energy in the form of kinetic energy. In addition, you are saving transportation costs of electric power, since you are transporting water and electricity in the same way. At least that's how I see it, maybe I'm wrong.


fully understood, thanks for this very detailed explanation

I read the article and it says that it can only provide a building. or to a school.


energy? or water??

It is an excellent way to return the energy that is spent with water pumps to distribute the water.


this is the idea

Are not distributors supposed to use energy to push water through the pipes? Does this system collect energy from the energy that the supply spends? in principle I think of a better solution to save net energy ... Reduce the energy used at source, reduce the pressure. That is, if the distributor spends 10 * on pushing the water and this system generates 1 * of that energy => that the distributor uses 8 * (* = invented unit of measure)


The idea is to recover some of the energy that was invested in the process of pushing the agus through the pipes.

I have not been working in a drinking water distribution company for a long time, but I started looking for something like what the news is about, in order to power the network's measuring devices. Beyond generating energy for massive consumption, I am interested in supplying energy with difficult access.


Great and very useful idea, thanks for comment

This should be replicated in countries where aguano does not use energy to capture water pressure


should be replicated worldwide

It is a fantastic project, it should also be done in the drains

This should be replicated in countries where aguano does not use energy to capture water pressure


your comment is duplicated

When I was in higschool I did a similar project and people said I was crazy.


your next project you should share on internet, maybe someone could invest in your idea


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It's really great, its operation is very easy to understand


Thanks for you support beautiful girl

Very interesting project, and nice hunt

I think that this product would help to recover part of the energy that is invested to put pressure on the drinking water system


its the main idea, thanks hellshark

Awesome product, awesome hunt.
Thanks for share @better-life-tips

The system reduces the pressure of the pipes, it is good if you have more than necessary. If the distribution system requires energy to generate pressure, the invention does not make sense.


Thanks good comment