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RE: Amaryllo ATOM AR2 - AR2 The 2016 CES Innovation Award Winner Robot

in #steemhunt4 years ago

I don't get it... Why is it called a robot and not just a security camera? Simply because it has a web interface and face recognition? My security camera does it too... Looks like a security camera to me. A good security camera, but not a robot.


I think you missed the point. Thing is it can do lot of stuff like it can talk it can recognize different faces and it can operate a lot of stuff so thing is that The abilities that it has make it a robot that has camera form. As there can be tons of type of robot so it is one of those.
May be I have cleared your points @beetlevc sir

Thank you for your explanation, @learnandgrow. I really didn't think about it this way, from this point of view. It makes much more sense now. So it is sort of a security camera with Alexa inside, I guess. Pretty cool stuff, I admit that!

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