WatchBack - Earn money by watching Videos & TV shows without limitations

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Earn money by watching Videos & TV shows without limitations



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Just watch movies, videos and tv shows to earn points on your phone, fire stick as well as on roku and apple tv versions.

At the moment they give Fandango points to redeem but they also said that in future they also offer gift cards and paypal cashouts.

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This is an amazing idea although in the primitive stages. The next move is to use a cryptocurrency and pay people to watch television, movies, and advertisements. The "attention economy" is growing.

It is only a matter of time before this is the standard for all viewers. Having isolate or siloed gift cards is so 2015. The 2020s will see payouts in currencies that can be swapped into whatever is desired.

Wow! While other apps are collecting money for watching videos, this app is giving out points for the same offer. I wonder why it's not popular yet, or it has a limited number of videos?

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Nice hunt @bbomber! It's great to see more ways that you can earn money by doing tasks online like watching videos. Thanks for sharing this one. Cheers and happy hunting!

Is it really to earn money by just watching videos and tv shows? if its legut I would like to try this. :)

Is this legit? How much points you earn when you watch every video ? Is this available worldwide?


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