ThermBot - Provide Instant temperature readings with 100% accuracy

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Provide Instant temperature readings with 100% accuracy



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At home or on the go, ThermBot delivers instant temperature readings with 100% accuracy plus smart home assistants & IFTTT integration.


Well it is smaller, faster and smarter than any other kind of thermometer just plug it into your phone of power brick & it works right out of the box with no batteries needed. It is contact less and measures with 100% accuracy in less than 1 second.

Users can also have the option to toggle b/w Fahrenheit and Celsius on top of that it has easy to read screen and it is small enough to fit in your key-chain or pocket.


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I like it that I can always measure the temperature using this. If the price is cheap, there is no reason not to buy it.

Wonderful device to get updated about temperatures to avoid critical situations.

Finally, we can throw out those old fashion thermometers that are so hard to read and use these smart and easy ones.

This is great for small businesses. Offices with a few staff where you need to check people's temperatures to make sure they haven't come to work while sick. Nice find!

In this covid-19 situation it should be very much handy and much needed. If you can check the temperature instantly then it would be very much helpful to save time of checking past simple symptom of covid-19

In today's time all humans have nessecary to check thier temprature special on malls ,shops and anywhere ,because it helps us to give some clues of covid-19 .


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