Taurus Electro - World's first two-seat electric plane

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Taurus Electro

World's first two-seat electric plane



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This is awesome looking two-person, electric sailplane. It features a 40-kilowatt motor that pushes out about 54 horsepower and a lithium-ion battery pack that lets it climb to nearly 6,500 feet in the sky. It also has a custom
solar-powered trailer that can charge the entire plane's battery in just five hours.

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Even if you run out of power in the air, the Taurus can easily glide back down to a landing. The goal was to improve on their technological improvements by making a plane that can climb faster and has a shorter takeoff compared to any of their non-electric planes.

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When I look at the Taurus Electro I can see a lot of area that could be covered by solar panels. That should allow more range while keeping the electricity bill lower.


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