JUST5 - The World's First 100% Self-Sanitizing Jacket

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The World's First 100% Self-Sanitizing Jacket



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All the components of the Just5 jacket are treated with HeiQ V-Block to preserve the hygiene of the materials.


Well this jacket is fully protected with HeiQ V-Block which is the worlds most advanced self sanitizing textile tech. It also has extended cuffs which turn into touch screen gloves that protect users to avoid contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

It also equipped with self sanitizing multi functional mask that can be worn separately or attach to collar on top of that it also comes with a self sanitizing cloth powered by HeiQ V-Block that can be use to clean glasses.

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This is really good , a self sanitizing cloth , you will not need to be afraid of germs depositing on your cloth then

Very useful hunt... as in the Corona pandemics, it is not possible to sanitize your hand and body again and again while going out... but we have to go out for some important work... it is best hunt of the day... thanks for sharing..
keep hunting always...


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