Hookee - Knife & flatware caddy UV LED light remove 99.9% of germs

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Knife & flatware caddy UV LED light remove 99.9% of germs



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The threat of virus and bacteria is invisible yet it exists everywhere especially in the kitchen. The viruses may remain on knifes even after been washed & can coz dangerous diseases but here come the solution in shape of hookee the worlds first knife & Flatware Block with Auto UV &158°F Dryer.

It kill germs to keep you and your family healthy and safe. Overall it is fast effective and safe to use.





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This is great for professional chefs who need to be sure that their kitchens and utensils are very clean and safe. If you have small children, it's also worth buying this to ensure no bacteria gets into food.

Thus is a nice tool for us women and all chef to have in our kitchen. Germs are dangerous which can be transfer into food. A tool like this with UV light will be of a great help.

Thanks for this innovative product. When we are done using kitchen utensils, we can easily wash it and put it inside this tool which will then kill all germs that's on it.

Impressive Hunt, Non-toxic and eco-friendly knife caddy that removes germs and odors and you can use it anywhere no harm for kids and no harm for your pets. Cool Search


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