Fisker Orbit - Completely Autonomous Bus With Digital Display

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Fisker Orbit

Completely Autonomous Bus With Digital Display



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Fisker ORBIT is an electric, connected and autonomous (driverless) shuttle for smart cities, campuses, and other geo-fenced routes to provide an exciting, clean and congestion free mobility solution. It is fun, exciting and inviting.


It is designed to be used in urban environments and can pick up passengers from locations rather than a traditional bus stop.

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Rides are requested through passenger smart phone along set routes used by shuttle.

The concept of this electric shuttle is great and will surely make life much easier for passengers.

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Hunter: @bbomber

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This bus is a good idea, it can be used in the school area to take the children to school.
Congratulations for your hunt!

I have approved it :)

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Many driverless vehicles are coming out due to technology. We might eventually make drivers jobless. :D Kidding aside, this is cool!

Wow... someday I will not be needing my own car. I really believe the day will come soon. Nice hunt.

Electric vehicles are slowly getting mainstream. This one is interesting since it is predicted for a mass transport. Also autonomous is a step forward. Having a good battery and range will definitely be pro.

Fisker didn't have much success in earlier years making cars, I hope with this great product they make a comeback. The design is futuristic and also the functionality.

WoW this is an amazing bus and the concept of locating passengers on set routes with the help of an phone app is cool. In short, such autonomous future buses would be way more intelligent than conventional bus drivers. Great Hunt.

Looked more like the car used in the movie upgrade
A cool and classic design too
Nice hunt

It is such and innovative and futuristic bus. Its features are great. Thanks for sharing this cool hunt

I guess we will se so many futuristic, well designed and well featured vehicles very soon and Fisker Orbit is one of them. Awesome hunt.


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