eFlyer - All-electric training aircraft

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All-electric training aircraft



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This electric aircraft Equipped with 90-kilowatt Siemens electric motors that deliver speeds up to 100 miles per hour, the eFlyer followed up with a successful low-power test flight early this year.

Able to carry 450 pounds of passenger payload for up to three hours, these electric eFlyers cost about three dollars an hour in fuel to fly compared to the typical fifty dollars
an hour. The company is aiming to have certification by the end of 2021.




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What an amazing flying machine we have here. It requires less fuel for maximum flight time. This design is amazing

When you say electric, you mean this aircraft does not use any fuel of any kind, like it works on some batteries?? If so that is super cool and high tech. Good hunt.

I just watched the video. I love the plane, but has the flight safety been checked to prevent crash because all these must be taken into account.


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