Amulet - Electronic Reusable Air Purifying Face Mask

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Electronic Reusable Air Purifying Face Mask



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Reusable Mask | 100% Secure fit | FFP3 rating (N99) | Purifying | Photocatalyst


It's looks pretty cool mask with nice & user friendly design for removal cleaning and replacement design It's double filter feature effectively isolates the air droplets & pm 2.5 suspended particles.

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There still doesn't seem to be any evidence to support that wearing or not wearing a mask helps with covid but I feel that if your going to wear a mask this is probably on of the best to use because it uses air purification technology and if that's not enough it's also a reusable face mask meaning we can cut-out the waste we are producing with so many face masks being disposed.

Such innovative masks have become imperative due to deadliest disease engulfing many nations.

how much it cost? can we order it in bulk? or is it easily deliverable to Pakistan?

It really looks like made of good quality, the air purify is the best of best function.

Nice product with great user friendly design. It will provide people safety against virus. Reuseable make it perfect for people use. Nice hunt

Great product in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. You can get a mask + 8 filters + 2 batteries for about $65 and 20 filters for about $13 and it comes in four colors.

Perfect safety mask in all aspects to provide maximum protection against diseases.

The face mask is very much needed nowadays while going out especially because of covid-19 infections. This one seems to be a great one for sure. thanks for sharing.

Face mask highly important and we all must use it for safety purposes. I like more innovation in this.

Great and innovative find. Mask is very important for our for our safety. I am also purchase this mask and save from corona virus.

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