Logitech K310 Washable - completely washable keyboard from logitech

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Logitech K310 Washable

completely washable keyboard from logitech



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Hey, Hunters today the product I am sharing with you guys is the WASHABLE KEYBOARD K310 by Logitech, easy to wash your keyboard.


  • This keyboard is also waterproof.

  • Software is not required for this keyboard.

  • It cable length is 6 feet.

  • User easy to use it.


  • Width : 436 millimeter.

  • Length : 140 millimeter.

  • Height: 19 millimeters.

  • Weight: 490 gram.

Check this video.




Hunter: @basilrao


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  • We all know that keyboards are probably the most disgusting things in the world. This washable keyboard provides a solution to that.

can you change the title for me to 'Logitech K310 Washable' and the subtitle to 'completely washable keyboard from logitech' -- thank you, just edit it on steemhunt.com..

i have verified the hunt.

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I have updated my post.

:thumbsup: Boosted by @calprut :innocent:

:point_right:I'm sure your hunt is "COOL". So i decided to give support:point_left:

Honestly i need something like this (it's my personal curation), because i already broke my keyboard three times because of :coffee: :face_palm:

Go one for yourself
Always spilling coffee on your keyboard... This hunt is for you

Thisi s a great hunt @basilrao. I can imagine how useful it is to save us from buying another one when it gets into liquid. It provides convenience, us ability to clean it without worrying too much, and most importantly save from future expenses.

Quire OLD keyboard to be honest. But still amazing. I have one for almost 10 years now... for the reasons you see in the movie... coffee!

Weirdly enough, after using this keyboard, spills have drastically been reduced! Karma?

It's a great item. I'm sure you've had some experience with watering your keyboard. It's very useful. And we could keep our keyboard easily. Thank you for sharing.

Hi, @basilrao you are a really great hunter! Thank you for sharing your amazing hunt. This is my personal review and no intention to judge your work. ☺☺

✤ Congrats for your verified ✤


  • WOW! even this keyboard is not really a latest keyboard I like the way can wash and use the keyboard under the sink.
  • As always Logitech made a really, really cool stuff I mean if you want to clean this keyboard just throw into the water and wash it lol!
  • I really like also the design and the button of the keyboard. Overall this is a very useful keyboard.

Great hunt! ☺☺

@basilrao this is a cool hunt as my keyboard never gets cleaned and it is dusty all over. Sure would like to clean it up under water and this washable keyboard seems to be able to be the neat keyboard to get.

Wow. I just love these "Spill Proof" keyboards. I really need to invest in one very soon. I love drinking my tea while sitting in front of my computer and sometimes I forget to put the top back on. Logitech makes a great keyboard, to begin with, and a washable one is even better. Great Hunt @basilrao.

This is a very brilliant product, there's no more fear of getting your keyboard cleaned with this one

Cool as because accident can happen at any time and this would be a perfect precaution of protecting Keyboard.

Such a great hunt @basilrao ! I cant count how many times between my two sons and I that this has happened ! and its Noooooo !! LOL! I cant believe that it can actually be dunked in water ! Thanks for sharing this fantastic find !👍👍✌💕😍


@calprut would need this,,, always spilling coffee on his keyboard

Nice hunt 6/10

Wow~ washable keyboard. Using the keyboard makes the keyboard dirty, but it is easy to clean it. Great product!

Wow this is a must have for every gamer or even people working a lot with the computer :) thank you for sharing this great product. Keep hunting!

amazing keyboard.. what I like about this keyboard

  • the dimension is enough.. not too small and not too big
  • washable... the most problem encountered on keyboard are stack dirt and food particle.. food particle attracts ants and other insects.. really easy to get rid of it by washing.. hehehhe

I'd say I've seen a few more keyboards like this before. I like to work on the desktop and I like to have a good keyboard. It is a very good and technological keyboard because it doesn't spoil when it's spilled. GREAT HUNT ! :)

Waoo excellent hunt this is a waterproof keyboard and We can wash our keyboard and we can use this keyboard 6 feet away from our computer due to its 6 feet cable length.

I think that's the best idea I've heard lately! I had to throw a lot of keyboards and mice just because I couldn't clean them properly. If the keys are good, I'll take that!

I don't usually drink or eat while I'm working on my PC but I think that this is a good idea because even if you don't have this kind of accidents the keyboard can get full of dirt or even bacterias from our fingers and dirty hands. I like that the keyboard is big and has the numbers at the right.

I cant believe this . Because our keyboards are not like this after putting the water on keyboard that can't work properly but it is a very good keyboard which we can wash properly. It is a lattest thing for computer users

Logitech creted a great keyboard. It is water resistant, even you can wash it. It will be very useful. Awesome hunt.

An ideal keyboard if you have kids around. Logitech K310 Washable enables you to type even if it rains and you are sitting in a jangle. On the other hand if your keyboard is dirty you do not need to get worried you can wash it too. It is really an awesome thing.

Cool Hunt :)

@basilrao you came up with a great idea. This is a revolutionary idea and must be promoted all around th world. Also please keep it up your great search and bring some more innovative ideas. Thanks


This is great friend my three year old son loves to eat watching video games on the computer and has already spilled juice on the keyboard, I can not help it, I can not prohibit you enjoy and learn, does nothing wrong, but with this would solve the problem of the spill, is a great product.

This is owsome this is waterproof no danger of keyboard damaging
Thanks for sharing

Everyone has a computer and the biggest problem is the keyboard. Because most of us drink tea and coffee. Mostly tea and coffees are poured into the keyboard. This causes the keyboard to deteriorate. Logitech K310 is a keyboard that knows how to wash. Good product.

A comfortable keyboard. Waterproof and easy to wash if anything is spilled on it. An easy-to-use keyboard with a length of 6 feet. The Logitech K310 is a beautiful, stylish and high quality keyboard. Thanks for sharing.

It's really amazing for this one, we can wash and clean it anytime. Logitech is indeed a trusted brand.

This is brilliant! My keyboard is disgusting and I can't do anything about it. When I go to use it I think, "damn this keyboard is gross." The photos are cool, but I think dude may have a plumbing issue cause dat bitch ain't drainin'

This is great hunt! I especially like the waterproof feature, as well as the design! Thanks for sharing! :)

hey! thank you for the changes. verified!

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This is so cool! I love the idea of a washable keyboard. Personally, I don't drink near my workstation, so getting it wet accidentally is not a worry for me. But, I love the idea of being able to clean my keyboards with more than just a wet cloth, especially considering a lot of dirt and dust can settle underneath the keys. Now all I need is a washable laptop. Lol!

Great hunt mate! I've been looking for this kind of keyboard for a long time, and thank you for sharing this washable keyboard!

My keyboard was out of order because of liquid before. Logitech K310 is a great product, so we don't need to be carefull with water anymore. Perfect hunt.

Washable keyboard? Seems like to good to be true. I wish I could do the same to my laptop who gets slow after sometime for having dust around its fan. May be, we could be having this solution posted here at @steemhunt in future. Excellent work and this is very impressive hunt!

Logitech produced a perfect keyboard, it is water proof, even you wash it, it is still working. Awesome hunt.

This keyboard is needed by engineers who work in the field, because it has many advantages.

  • can be used even if spilled coffee

  • can be used even if it is exposed to drizzle

  • can be brought to various climates

  • heat resistance and many other advantages that can be obtained from the Keyboard 🎹.

Simply amazing product by Logitech. Most of the keyboard required discarded on spillage of any liquid. Logitech k310 is an amazing keyboard which works great after water spillage. Great hunt

Unbelievable! I recently damaged my keyboard by spilling coffee on it 😭. With this wonderful keyboard that spilling problem is definitely over.

Nice hunt @basilrao!

WOW! The 'Washable K310 Keyboard' is a brilliant idea! Why has no one thought of this before?

Everybody knows that computer keyboards are like magnets for dirt and other stuff and they are so difficult to clean properly with all of those nooks and crannies that most of them have.

Gone, are the days of removing all of the individual keys and spending absolutely ages, carefully cleaning them and the parts underneath while having to remember which key goes where.

With this, all you need to do is stick it under a tap to rinse it off and give it a quick wipe down.

Another added bonus is that you can spill your drink over it (which I have many times on some of my keyboards) and again, just wash, wipe and you're all ready to go again.

I like it!

Omg i must really have this one because my keyboard usually experience showing and then it is damaged. Huhu but this one is really superb.


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Its really awesome because i always face this problem because some time my tea is drop on my table and i am worried about it .Nice hunt