Froyo Robots - Icecream Robot Dispensing Vending Machine

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Froyo Robots

Icecream Robot Dispensing Vending Machine


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Let the Froyo Robots treat you to a delicious cup of Fresh frozen yoghurt goodness with its fat free,stomach healthy probiotics.It might be what you need to give your day a positive boost.

Using the interactive ordering system you can choose from any of six tasty yoghurt options and one of six custom toppings and have it delivered to you in less than 60 seconds.


  • Dispense up to 60 cups of frozen yogurt per hour
  • Easy cash and credit card transactions
  • Accepts Apple Pay and Google Wallet
  • Hygienically enclosed and self-contained
    Small footprint of 15-square feet
  • Double Barrel System offers 6 flavors >including a twist option
  • Offers up to 6 topping options
  • Easily dissassembled for routine maintenance.

The froyo robot vending machine doesn't take up much space,it just requires 15 square feet of space to set up as a bussiness.



Hunter: @badmusgreene

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Oh ehm gee... Ice cream... So loving this

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This looks so cool. These would definitely be a hit at a beach-side area, or having as a portable option to take to markets or sporting events. I could imagine one of these machines being a nice little earner during summertime. Nice Hunt.

This robot could induce kids that say they don't like the healthy yogurt to try it!😋

It sure would @jenina619. Seeing a robot make yoghurt is fascinating :)

Oh my.... I need me one of this!

Yeah me too.Would make life so much sweeter :)


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