About.me - Platform to create free web page and showcase your talent

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Platform to create free web page and showcase your talent



Hunter's comment

about.me is a useful site which enables users to create a free webpage to showcase who you are and what you do. Since I am also a designer, having a portfolio is somewhat a must have for me since this would help me to acquire clients that would hire me for certain design work. I had tried creating an account which you could use Facebook or Google to easily create one and after some things to fill up, I had easily made my personal free portfolio. You could also use this to redirect readers or clients to your website to gather more audience and increase your possibility of getting hired for a job.

My Created Free Portfolio




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Done mam @joannewong, sorry for the delay, the time is pretty late here now.

I remember once creating one account here, but because I didn't open for a long time and was busy making new branding on Linkedin, I finally forgot the password.

Actually, it's easy if you have to create a new account and make a new one, but yes that's how it is, too many can sometimes make you less focused, but it's also a good idea to try this. Thanks for the hunt.

It is a cool one, showing your talent to everyone else is kinda cool stuff and making you proud of yourself. One good thing about this platform, we can create this for free.

Obviously nice creation. Although this website not popular but after reading this feature , I think it will get popularity.
Anyway I like this hunt and boosted it.
@baa.steemit keep up your good job dear.


Thank you. Its my first hunt though, Im greatful that my hunt got this much attention.

I would love to recommend this to my freelancer classmate, that It is to attract and gain more audience from this platform. The freelancers will put their information at best because there are also lots of freelancers that are putting their information for this is also a competition between the freelancers to get clients.

This is a suitable place, where it is very easy to present yourself. It is not possible to highlight our self very time because it is not easy to express everywhere. But after seeing your excellent hunt, I became very interested.

I believe those who have the qualifications, they get the opportunity to use it properly, to establish themselves. It's a good hunt for my eyes. Thanks @baa.steemit