Rifton Tram - Awesome Mobility Device for Patients

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Rifton Tram

Awesome Mobility Device for Patients



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Hunter's comment

Hello guys...
In this post, I want to review about Rifton Tram.

Rifton Tram is a lift-transfer and mobility device designed for patient's safety. It can help caregiver or nurse to move or transfer patients or old people from bed or go to toilet. It is very comfortable. The caregiver can manage it easily.

Please watch this video below:




Hunter: @azwarrangkuti


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Love the hunts most which are environment friendly or help people to make their life easier! Especially something like this, my mum is a nurse and she always tells me how hard the job is because she has to lift some heavy people...

Keep up the hunts and enjoy the day @azwarrangkuti


thank you for your opinion

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for those people who care for the elderly. This prevents them from making sudden movements that may eventually affect their health. Besides that as for the elderly, this movement device is much safer.

@mukhtarilyas, kecanggihan teknologi nemberikan kemudahan bagi penggunanya pak @azwarrangkuti, tapi jangan gaptek bisa fatal malah merepotkan.


setuju pak mukhtar. teknologi membantu kita untuk hidup lebih baik

Real useful product for patients.


Rifton Tram is such an advanced step to provide an ease to caregivers or those patients who feel pain to move in or out. Rifton Tram enables all handicapped, patients or old people to move comfortably.

Lovely Hunt :)

For those of us who have family members with mobility problems, we know how difficult it is to carry them so we can do the simplest things, like bathing or going to the bathroom, the effort that it represents for us to move them, I think this hunt is great, we will no longer have a problem and comfortable people with disabilities, excellent hunting


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