Asthi AR - Learn Human Anatomy in Augmented Reality

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Asthi AR

Learn Human Anatomy in Augmented Reality



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If you want to learn anatomy, you can use Asthi AR. It can give you a description of human anatomy.

Simple and easy to understand in use.


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For the Medicine students and other health students this is an easy way to learn human anatomy.

Asthi AR looks quite amazing way to learn Human Anatomy in Augmented Reality, thanks for sharing.

Asthi AR, an augmented reality app that helps you learn and explore lifelike models of anatomy in a real-world environment. Students and professionals can equally learn and explore by placing the augmented models on any surface of your choice.

What a great and amazing hunt. This app is best for medical students. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

A useful application for secondary school students, the Division of Life Sciences and Earth.
I will suggest it to my friend's stadium so that he can offer lessons to his students