WWE 2K19 - Best Wrestling Game

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WWE 2K19

Best Wrestling Game



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The best series of games we have enjoyed since childhood, a series of games WWE Which has become known as a series of games WWE 2K.
This part of the game will see some beautiful changes, the story of the player like the game of FIFA, in this part you can play with the wrestler Daniel Bryan to start his career until his retirement and to live in the ring in many games and competitions played by this wrestler, and we will see some of the cinematic scenes of discounts between wrestlers and personal life of the wrestler.
Also in this part, developers added WWE Live with this wonderful feature will be able to live all the moments and current wrestlings in fact.
The gameplay is the same in the previous parts just a simple change is that the wrestler movement has become heavier than the past.
The most interesting thing in this series is the increase of a large number of wrestlers, we have more than 200 wrestlers 144 wrestlers are open and the rest are locked You can unlock once you win.




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