Robot Atlas - With the addition of the Parkour feature

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Robot Atlas

With the addition of the Parkour feature



Hunter's comment

11 October robotics company Boston Dynamics posted a new video on YouTube showcasing the robot's latest progress, the latest feature offered by the company is the feature of Parkour.
The robot can do the Parkour movements and that's what we saw in the new video released by the company, where the robot can jump over many things without touching it, and can also jump several times behind each other.
The shape of the jumps is very similar to the human so that everything senses by sensors and jumps to a height of 40 cm.
Also, the robot is very similar to the man in his movements in the way of walking and the way to jump, where he has two feet are very similar to the advantages of the human foot and through the devices can do all the movements of Parkour.

Atlas is the latest in a line of advanced humanoid robots we are developing.
Link of Atlas
And this is the video



Hunter: @aymenz

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