PureTunes - Free Floating Youtube Music Videos

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Free Floating Youtube Music Videos



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Enjoy with great videos and songs from Youtube rival application.
You can Download it from Google Play, After installation you will get the principal page of PureTunes and there is 4 tabs :

  • Top Charts : In this tab you will find the most viewed videos and songs, you can click on the heart to make the video in your favorites videos, you can also add it to the playlist or queue or play it directly.
  • Discover : In this tab you will find videos and songs organized in groups by Genre, when you select genre you will get all videos belong to this genre.
  • Research : In this tab you will find the research trends, and you can research to your own video.
  • My Music : In this tab you will find all videos and songs that you have watched and all the favorites videos.

This application gives you two themes, and gives you also the " Power Saving " option to save the power of the battery.

PureTunes-Floating Youtube Video Player gives you access to all of YouTube videos.




Hunter: @aymenz


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Wow! Gotta download this application, I always use youtube app and watch videos especially those related to Game of Thrones. UI is really great and this one is really promising, 5 out of 5 for this hunt.

Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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This application is what i want playing videos and music while we can use another application. One can research videos on different categories and enjoy it


Cool! Another app to access youtube videos and songs directly. I love the fact that it keep tracks of the video one has watched. Nice hunt!

Am not a big fan of YouTube actually but this platform is surely is a good l alternative and I believe users with be glad to watch their best videos and play music.

I think it's great and a good platform.
The mobile app is also a good option.
I really like this project, Good hunt

Beautiful place mobile application as screen design. Have nice features under four titles where you can enjoy great videos. the only drawback is that it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Thank you.

excellent Cáceria, a super organized way to see our favorite videos, we can make our list of favorites or search the genre of videos that we want to listen to, or look for new videos that we like in a very easy way, I recommend 100%. great hunting


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