Facemoji Keyboard - Helps you enjoy typing with 2000+ Emoji, emoticons ...etc

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Facemoji Keyboard

Helps you enjoy typing with 2000+ Emoji, emoticons ...etc



Hunter's comment

You want to change the style of your keyboard ? You can do it using Facemoji Keyboard app, you can change the theme of the keyboard and make it more attractive and make your conversation beautiful.
Facemoji Keyboard is an android application you can download it from Google Play, make it as default keyboard and enjoy with +2000 emoji, GIF ..etc
There is a number of themes exists, you can download more themes and use them, also you can create your own theme using a background from your gallery.

It also has the error correction feature, when you activate this feature and choose the language, it will correct the errors automatically.




Hunter: @aymenz


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