Quake Alarm - Earthquake detector and early warning device.

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Quake Alarm

Earthquake detector and early warning device.



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Quake Alarm is capable of detecting large earthquakes that occur hundreds of miles away and can detect moderate to minor earthquakes for many miles around your local area.

It provides instant warning of an earthquake around your area by by detecting the "p" wave (compression wave) of an earthquake, which travels faster than the more destructive "s" wave (shear wave).
Instant detection saves the precious seconds before the earthquake hits thus allowing you to take cover or tend to other family members.


  • Loud distinctive alarm to wake you up.
  • Adjustable sensitivity setting.
  • Aftershocks monitoring.
  • Small and easy to install.
  • Low power consumption; operates on just 9V.




Hunter: @awaischuchi


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The tidal waves caused by earthquakes and earthquakes do a lot of damage to people. In countries without an earthquake monitoring system, it seems like a good choice to install this product at home for emergencies.

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Note : i don't give upvote because its already on top 10, just wanna leave some comment to this SUPER COOL HUNT

Before it, i hunt the same type of product coz my country need it soo much. And, you give me another best alternative, thank you @awaischuchi.

Welcome to steemhunt btw :thumbsup: :beers:

hehe i wanna give an upvote but it's already on top 10, but next time i am sure if your cool hunt sunk to the bottom, i will safe you :joy:

No problem.
Seriously I never thought that I would have my 1st hunt in top 3.
Such an honor.

It's a really useful item. I think people in the earthquake-prone area really need it. If we knew there would be an earthquake, we could reduce the damage.

Welcome to SteemHunt :)

Your first hunt is great, so I upvoted it.

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Thank you very much..

My country, Indonesia has got two big earthquakes in this year in Palu and NTB. By applying quake alarm, I believe it can reduce victims.

Thanks for your great hunt!

This should help the masses. The feature of an alarm and a warning sign will come in handy. Great innovation.

Great hunt @awaischuchi

I live in a country with a high risk of earthquake, I would like to buy this earthquake detector. It's great that he detected the earthquakes and gave us an early notice, this product saves lives.

Hey amazing product...I like so much this cool product thank you so much for sharing

Nice hunt @awaischuchi! This is a handy device that can end up saving lives. Something like this should be in every household in a high-risk quake zone.

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